Meira Paibi founding day remembered


IMPHAL, Dec 28: The 30th Meira Paibi foundation day was observed by the All Manipur Women’s Social Reformation and Development Samaj (AMWSRDS) yesterday at Heirangoithong Maibam Leikai community hall, while recalling the active participation of the women folk of the state and in protecting human rights and in the fight against the various atrocities committed by the security forces in the name of counter insurgency problems in the state.
Keisham Ongbi Taruni president Nupi Samaj (All Manipur Women’s Social Reformation and Development Samaj), Hedangmayum Brajeshori, chief advisor Nupi Samaj, Oinam ongbi Mohila, Zilla Parishad Maibam Leikai, Yumlembam ongbi Ibetombi founder general secy Macha Leima, Joy Nongmaithem social activist attended the observation as presidium members of the observation.
While speaking at the observation, Joy Nongmaithemcha social
activist lamented, while terming it as unfortunate that various local meira paibi bodies have been established without the knowledge of the background and foundation of the movement. He also added that the youth of today has totally failed to respect and understand the movement which has taken active role in shaping the Manipuri Society.
He further maintained that various local bodies, clubs, meira paibis etc without maintaining the decorum of the Maira Paibi movement has been swayed by corruption and their selfish motives as can be seen during election times, when local clubs swarmed residence of candidates for their selfish motives.
He also added that people have been ignoring issues related to the development of the society, whereas venues of entertainment programmes are always full with people.
He added that the Nishabandh was formed on December 29, 1980 as a fight against the hidden policy of the government of spreading the use of intoxicants amongst the youths of the time in the state, however with the change in the issues with now AFSPA being the main issue faced by the state, the Meira paibi movement started as another face of the Nishabandh movement.
While condemning the people of the state for forgetting every state issue within a short period of time he has further appealed to the people of the state to fight against the various atrocities committed upon the people of the state without forgetting about the numerous incidents when the government had defying any sense of humanity and sympathy committed upon the people.
The observation was attended by various representatives of various Meira Paibi groups from various areas of Imphal.
In the meantime a release of the AMWSRDS further mentioned that, the womenfolk of the state have been standing firmly against any forms of atrocities committed by the security forces to the innocent public in the name of counter insurgency operations behind the Armed Forces Special Powers Act in the state and it has been realized by every citizen of the state that the common public of the state have been suppressed by the armed forces act since the last 30 years in the state.
The release further mentioned that realizing all the past historical incidents of revolutions that have occurred in the state, the time has come for all common people of the state to stand for their unique rights given by the Indian Constitution and further appeal to all concerned to avoid all bearers of communalism and come forward towards the establishment of unity so as to maintain unity in diversities and communal harmony in the state.


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