MPP prepares to celebrate 43rd B’day


IMPHAL, Dec 24: One of the oldest regional party of the state, Manipur People’s Party (MPP) will complete 43 years of rendering commendable service to the people state on December 26.
With the coming of the 43rd anniversary of the MPP, the party’s president  Dr. Nimaichand Luwang has sent out his best wishes to the people of the state.
According to a release of the MPP, it stated that MPP being one among the four oldest regional political parties have faced many hurdles in the changing phases of political history of the state and MPP is still keeping its objectives to maintain peaceful co-existence and harmonious state.
The release further mentioned that, MPP for the sake of the motherland have faced many challenges on its political way and it will continue to serve the people forever. The MPP is making its sincere efforts to bring about a transparent and responsible government for maintaining communal harmony, protecting territorial integrity as well as making Manipur violence free state. MPP will also making its efforts to maintain a government which will work at the wills of the general public of the state.
MPP will make efforts relentlessly for maintaining a true political culture which could bring about a radical change in Manipur.
It further asserted that if the present political system continues to roll in the wrong manner, Manipur will be lost one day. In order to save Manipur, the MPP appeals to the people of the state to make it a strong regional party of the state.
The 43rd anniversary of MPP will be held at MPP head office on December 26, the release added.



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