MPP submits memo to PM on ending tripartite talk


    IMPHAL, Dec 17: The Manipur People’s Party has submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister informing that the party will not be able to remain silent with regards to the ‘Tripartite talks on United Naga Council (UNC) demand for alternative arrangement’ which was held on December 3 at the Senapati District Headquarters.
    Dr.Nimaichand Luwang, president, MPP on behalf of the party stated that with the issue being of an extremely sensitive nature reminding of the proverbial spark if neglected, a judicious decision to maintain peace in the troubled state must be taken at the earliest.
    The memorandum stated that recently, sinister moves by some elements with an intention to destroy the age-old ties of amity and oneness amongst the ethnic groups of Manipur have become obvious with the most prominent one being the disintegration of the state by integrating all Naga Inhabited areas under a single administrative unit.
    While stating that the current demand by the UNC is a fall out of a merger agreement between the Congress Party and United Naga Integration Council which is a political party of Manipur signed in 1972, the MPP has stated that the merger agreement which was then signed gives inspiration, strength and sustenance to those who swear by the disintegration of Manipur.
    The memorandum submitted to the PM stressed that it is surprising that the status of a non-government organization like the UNC has been over blown and made out of proportion by the GOI. The holding of a tripartite talk amongst the GOI, Government of Manipur and the UNC on the agenda of an alternative arrangement gives a wrong and threatening signal to the Manipuris as a whole. Despite the clarification made by the present Secular Progressive Front, Government of Manipur that there is no agenda of destroying the territorial integrity of Manipur, the recent incidents has made everybody suspicious of a sinister design in the talks to disintegrate the state.
    The MPP has urged the PM to discontinue such talks as it is inviting unnecessary troubles in Manipur and creating doubts of suspicious nature especially to the party.



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