MPP vows to work for state unity


IMPHAL, Dec 26: The 43rd anniversary of one of the oldest regional party of the state Manipur People’s Party (MPP) was observed this morning at the party head office located at Imphal Pologround Maning with the MPP legislature party leader MLA O Joy Singh attending as the chief guest.
During the formal observation of the anniversary president MPP, Dr Nimaichand Luwang unfurled the party flag marking the formal inauguration of the observation this morning.
MLA, O Joy Singh who attended as the chief guest this morning mentioned that, the dreams of sinister minds to disintegrate Manipur will never be fulfilled.
He further mentioned that the party has attained its 43 years of service to the people of the state with an objective to protect the territorial integrity of the state and to maintain a uniform society.
The dreams of those sections who have tried to disintegrate the territorial integrity of the state can never be fulfilled, he said adding on the other hand that the idea of violence as a solution to the conflict situation in the state will not succeed.
He said the conflict situation has ended up in the common people being victimized, still the conflict situation cannot be solved by military force and the right approach have to be through dialogue and political means he added.
He further mentioned that the present government should prepare the perfect conditions for dialogue with the insurgent groups operating in the state to end the violent conflict situations otherwise it will be hard for the government and the state to attain peace in the state.
Dr. Nimaichand Luwang in his presidential speech mentioned that, MPP being among the four oldest regional political party of the country, has faced many hurdles in its ever changing phases of its political history and that the party is still maintaining it age-old objectives to restore a peaceful and harmonious co-existence of all ethnic groups in the state.
He further mentioned that, MPP for the sake of the motherland has fought many challenges which came as barriers in its political way and will continue to served the people with dedication and love.
The party at present is making a sincere efforts to bring a new transparent and responsible government which could maintain communal harmony while protecting the territorial integrity and a violence free state.
He further said that his party is also making efforts to maintain a government which will work in collaboration with the people of the state.
He also mentioned that MPP will restlessly make efforts for the maintenance of a true political culture which could bring about a new Manipur and will always remain oppose to the culture of some politicians who think with vested interest. If the present wrong political systems continue to go on in the state, Manipur will be lost one day. In order to save Manipur, he has appealed to the people of the state to lead MPP towards becoming a strong regional party which he added will never be possible without the people’s support.
Earlier, the workers and officials of MPP who participated during the anniversary observation this morning paid floral tributes to the portraits of founder members and deceased volunteers of the state party.


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