NE youth festival goes cyber


IMPHAL, Dec 16(NNN): The Youth Initiative Foundation (YIF) that is hosting the mega event christened as the North East Youth Festival at Senapati next month, has gone cyber on Thursday.

The YIF has launched its website in New Delhi this afternoon featuring detailed informations about the organisation and its movement in promoting the rich cultural heriatage of the North East region.

Meanwhile, Dominic Chawang, the man behind the youth movement said that the screening of beauty queen contestants for Manipur sector will be held at Hotel Imphal conference hall on December 20 at 9 am and not as mentioned earlier. Forms for the beauty queen contest are available at Hotel Imphal while forms for cultural dance competition are available at Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Art and Cultural Academy, Khurai Lairikyengbam, Imphal.

The winner of the beauty pageant, “Queen of the Mystic East” carries a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh 20 thousand while the winner of the cultural dance be given Rs 1 lakh. The organiser said that every cultural team participating in the North East Youth Festival will be given consolation prize of Rs 10,000 (ten thousand each) but the teams need to be through in the screening.

According to Dominic Chawang, nationally reputed artists like Lou Majaw of Meghalaya who is the la Bob Dylan and Guru Rewben Mashangva will also take part in the mega event at Senapati which kick-starts from January 17 evening. Many artists from the North East region will feature themselves in the festival. Thiusongbou Pamei of Tamei, the cultural ambasador of Liangmai too will be in the festival.

Meanwhile, Guru Rewben Mashangva has composed the theme song of the North East Festival, “Brothers of the East.”

North East Youth Festival is to promote the rich cultural heritage of the Noth East communities,” said Dominic Chawang, convenor of the mega event.

The festival seeks to tame the frustration amongst the youths of the region. A concept paper on the festival said “in the midst of al kinds of turmoil and insecurities, the event is an endeavor to highlight ‘a ray of hope.’

Dominic Chawang and his team are now racing against time spreading in every part of the North East India region screening and preparing for the Senapati festival.


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