NSCN-IM camp in AP attacked


Dimapur, Dec 28 (NNN): One NSCN-IM cadre got injured when the rival NSCN-K cadres in huge number attacked a post of the former outfit in Arunachal Pradesh last evening.
According to `colonel` Levi Zimik,  about 110 cadres of the NSCN-K fiercely attacked a camp of the NSCN-IM in Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh on Monday evening.
`Colonel` Levi Zimik is the `PRO` of the Naga Army, the armed wing of the NSCN-IM.
“It is very disappointing to learn that the Khaplang boys have backtracked to their aggressive nature and resumed with their expansionist policy, inspite of the mutual commitment to maintain status quo.  On the calm evening of December 27, our mobile post located at Khamlang village, in the Miao subdivision of Changlang district, suddenly came under fierce attack by the unscrupulous Khaplang boys,” said the NSCN-IM military leader. 
According to Levi Zimik, there were about 110 NSCN-K cadres, `armed to death` who surrounded and raided the NSCN-IM camp from all sides. “Our brave soldiers, though only a section of them, firmly held the ground and finally repelled the attackers,” said Zimik.
In the attack one cadre of the NSCN-IM got injured on the thigh but he is out of danger now. During clearance, an unidentified body was found, barely buried on the ground just outside our camp, he said. “This clearly shows that they have no respect for the deaths. It is for all of us to contemplate  how the youngsters were allured into this gang (NSCN-K) in the name of the nation, promising them money and power but end up dumping their bodies without honour,” Zimik added. The NSCN-IM leader then said that whether the Naga Army shall retaliate immediately or play the situation down in the best interest of the people is in the prudent decision of the higher authorities and their subsequent directive orders.
Meanwhile, for the record, it is hereby declared that the Khaplang group has deliberately violated the Covenant of Reconciliation mutually agreed and signed on different instances, for reasons known to them, stated `colonel` Levi Zimik. “The group’s integrity has once again comes under public scrutiny. Given their history of betrayals replete with bloodshed, it becomes imperative to ask:  “What better options are they looking for, if not to reconcile?”” questions Levi Zimik.



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