People pressure forced revelation: UNLF


    IMPHAL, Dec 2: The United National Liberation Front, UNLF in a statement today said people’s collective movement and the pressure of the Amnesty International have forced Government of India finally  brought out outfit’s chairmen RK Sana Yaima after two months of confinement.
    The UNLF however asserted that its chairmen was arrested from Dhaka on September 29 not from Bihar as claimed by GOI.
    India’s treacherous design and state terrorism activities have been revealed  worldwide by reports of Meghen’s arrest by impartial and independent media like the BBC and the Tehelka, the UNLF statement issued by its senior publicity officer Ksh Yoiheiba said.
    The outfit reiterated that RK Sana Yaima alias Meghen alias Surjit Waikhom was arrested by sleuths of Indian intelligence RAW and their Bangladesh counterparts on September 29 from Lalmatia area of Dhaka while driving a car having registration No. G-17-0716. An FIR was also filed at Mohamadpur Police Station on September 29 and missing report about Sana Yaima alias Surjit Waikhom were published with photograph in Yugantor and Inqilab newspaper.
    Asserting that GOI’s claim of Meghen being arrested from Motihari is not true, the UNLF statement said who actually arrest Meghen from Bihar is not clear as one report said chairmen was arrested by the NIA while another said a combined team of Bihar and Manipur police made the arrest.
    As Manipur Police have declared their noninvolvement in the arrest of RK Sana Yaima, it has now come to the reality about GOI’s treacherous design to cover up its wrongful deeds, the UNLF alleged.
    It further maintained that people of Manipur are not surprised by such treacheous designs of India as there had been numerous cases of fake encounter, surrender drama, forced disappearance perpetrated by Indian force with the instruction of the GOI whose attitude regarding arrest of chairmen Sana Yaima have made it more clearer.
    If the case of arrest of Sana Yaima could be ended with the formal announcement that the chairmen has been arrest from Bihar, the UNLF asked as to why GOI failed to take action against the BBC and the Tehelka which have broke the news about Meghen’s arrest in Bangladesh.
    The UNLF statement further alleged that GOI is guilty of physical and mental torture of outfit’s chairmen who was arrested and confined for over two months in custody.
    Even though India declared revolutionaries who are fighting for regaining Manipur’s sovereignty as terrorist but the GOI has been following state terrorism with large scale deployment of its security forces in Manipur soil, the UNLF said and asked if there are no country in the world who could undergo trial to India’s state terrorism activities in Manipur.
    Stating that the only answer to the question raised above can be given by the people’s collective effort, the UNLF said adding it was due to peoples collective effort that its chairmen who the GOI tried to made disappear was brought out.
    Stating the outfit keep firm belief to peoples collective effort, the UNLF reiterated that each and every community of Manipur could never live with dignity as long as Manipur continues under India’s colonial rule.
    Calling upon people to fight India’s colonial rule for bringing development and to allow people to live in dignity, the UNLF said adding such a fight can be fruitful only when Manipur have hundreds of Sana Yaima and Irom Chanu Sharmila. At that point of time India can never suppressed Manipur, the UNLF asserted.

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