Privilege motions placed in House


IMPHAL, Dec 22: Speaker in-charge of the Manipur Legislative Assembly, Th. Lokeshore deputy Speaker, who chaired the first day of the 9th session (winter session) of the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly today, referred the two privilege motions placed before the House through him to the privilege committee of the House for further consideration.
Mentioning this in the house the deputy Speaker said, the chairman of the Committee on Assurance of the Manipur Legislative has move a motion of Breach of Privilege and Conduct Business of House that, the Guwahati High Court, Imphal bench in connection with its writ petition No. 604 (c) 2101 of Guwahati High court Imphal bench served summon notice to the chairman/member of the Committee or member to the court, that the matter is taking into account as amounting to the Breach of Privilege and Conduct of Business.
Deputy Speaker who chaired the session mentioned that, since the matter is approached as motion during the session, speaker in charge has directed Secretary Assembly Secretariat, chairman of the said committee and members are not response to the notice of the Guwahati High court, Imphal bench, another privilege motion moved by the chairman of the Public Account committee of the house against the Commissioner Finance, government of Manipur deputy speaker mentioned today in the house.
In the meantime, chairman of the Public Account Committee of the Manipur Legislative Assembly, MLA, Radhabinod Koijam explaining the privilege motion against the Commissioner Finance of the state government in the house, he said, the committee in order to examine the reports of CAG for the departments under state government including PWD, Power, Transport, Sericulture and Taxation the committee has issued notice on November 23 that the meeting of PAC will be commence from December 2 to December 6 last at Committee room to examine the CAG reports for the said departments.
He further said, the examination of the CAG reports which involved financial accounts there was essentials for attending Commissioner & Principal Secy. Finance or the officer of the Finance Department not less than the rank of Joint secretary to every examinations of the CAG, financial accounts for the said departments. In this regard the PAC has served the notice properly for the participation the PAC meeting started from December 2 to December 6 last at the committee room but non of the officials from the state Finance department have turned to attain the meeting of the PAC.
Radhabinod Koijam further mentioned the house that, non compliance to the notice of the PAC by any officials of the state Finance Department was taken as disobedience top the order of the house and committee members have taken the act as Breach of Privilege and Contempt of House as result the privilege motion was moved by the committee, he added.


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