Revenue dept. seeks approval


IMPHAL, Dec 2: State Revenue department is going to seek the approval of state cabinet for the exemption of premium of land measuring 4.1901 hectares (10.3539 acres) at 91 (A) Lamphelpat village allotted to the Health Department Manipur for construction of office building.

According to an official source,, the state government had allotted 4.1901 hectares (10.3539 acres) of land at 91(A) ‘“ Lamphelpat village to the Health Department, Manipur for construction of office building vide Revenue Deptt.’s order No. 21/44/2005-R dated august 28, 2007. As per the allotment order, health department , Manipur is required to pay the amount premium as may be fixed by the DSLR, Manipur with prior approval of the government.

The official source further mentioned that, the director of Settlement and Land Records, Manipur vide its letter No. 1000/35/2008-DSLR dated February 5, 2009 reported to the secretary (Revenue), government of Manipur has been assessed at Rs. 1,60,77,986 i.e Rs 36.91 per Sq ft as calculated on the basis of sale date of the area. It has also been stated that, the health department, Manipur had proposed to fix token premium.

It may be mentioned that in the past, waiver of premium or fixed token premium for allotment of land to the government departments/ Central government Institutions was done with the prior approval of the state cabinet. To cite an example, the state cabinet approved, in its meeting held on February 25, last, payment of Rs. 100 as a token premium for allotment of 34.56 acres of land at village No. 80- Kakching Khunou Part-1 for construction of Jawahar Novodaya Vidalaya school building at Umathel, Thoubal district.

On the other hand state Revenue department in view of the above position, it is proposed to fix a minimum premium of Rs 100 or more as may be deemed appropriate by the state cabinet for allotment of land to state Health Department as mentioned, the official source added.


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