RPF women wing calls for untying the chain of slavery


IMPHAL, Dec 10: On the eve of the 71st anniversary observation of the Nupi Lal, the womens wing of the Revolutionary People’s Front, in a statement, has called upon all the women of Manipur to unite so that the chain of slavery that has been laid by colonial power be untied with united strength and effort.
The RPF statement issued by Kanon, Asst. Secy. Women’s Wing further stated that no country in the world remain silent when freedom of their people were snatched away. War fought to regain freedom of the people are not only simple but complex, it said adding this is the reason why people of Manipur irrespective of hill and valley waged various kinds of movements against the mighty British which ruled the state for over 50 years.
Some of the notable reolutions waged in Manipur against the mighty British empire were the Thoubal war of 1912), Khongsai war of 1917-1919, Jadonang movement from from 1921 onwards and the movement initiated by Irabat since 1934. However, the mother of all these movements was indeed the Nupi Lal of 1904, the RPF asserted.
Tracing root causes of the first Nupi Lal, the RPF’s Women Wing statement said assigning of immature Churachand to the throne as the king of Manipur, forcibly collection of war weaponary from all the male members, excessive human rights violation, imposition of Rs 2-5 lakhs as fine in the form of punishment for the 1891 war.,  imposition of Rs 50,0000 as Loipot, imposition of house tax as the rate of Rs 2 for a house in valley area and Rs 3 in the hill area and the issue of forced labour were some of developments that led to the womens movement.
The second Nupi Lal, on the contrary, was a result of the ploy of imperialist and capitalist to have control over rice which was the main dietry food for people of Manipur. The movement initiated by the women against the British colonial rule and the pupet King was right in its direction because these women wanted to have freedom, handing over of power to the people and equality in society.
On the eve of the 71st anniversary of the Nupi Lal, the Women’s wing of the RPF also salute all those women who took part in the historic women movement. The outfit also vowed to fight till the goal as set by those brave women are achieved and their idea of a socialist society is establish in Manipur.
While asserting that RPF is following the path taken by the great mothers, the outfit said a good number of RPF’s women wing are joining a war against India to regain lost freedom of the Manipur people.
It further said people of Manipur have no difference to the British or Indian for colonial ruler is only the colonial owner. The only way to defeat colonial power is peoples uprising for without such a movement there has been no achievement of the people of Manipur, the RPF asserted.
The RPF further said colonial India and their collaborator Manipur government have been torturing people in every aspect of the society both economically and politically. Apart from militarising the land, people have been mussled whenever they raised voice for genuine greivances and demand apart from being killed mercilessly.
Stating a war to liberate people of Manipur had already begun just before 1980 taking view of Nupi Lal as reformation for the revolution, the RPF women wing however said it could not succeed without the active participation of the people.
The RPF also appeal women not to fall to the prey to Indian security forces’s cheap programme of gifts distribution, Ningol-Chakkouba etc. as in the sideline of such programme more women could be victim of rape and torture.
Calling upon all the women to unite, the RPF said the chain of slavary that has been laid should be untide with united strength and effort  which is the only way to achieve the goal of regaining freedom.



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