Senior Citizens meet Home minister


    IMPHAL, Dec 15 (NNN): In a meeting with Union Home minister, P Chidambaram at Raj Bhavan in Imphal that lasted roughly 5 minutes today, members of the Senior Citizens for Society (SCS) have submitted a memorandum proposing a solution to the “nagging problem of insurgency in the region”.
    Talking to Newmai News Network, leaders of SCS said that the Union Home minister has been informed during the meeting that, “breakdown of law and order, flagrant violation of human rights both by the non State and State actors, decades of insurgency problem, general economic backwardness, lack of basic infrastructure, transport bottlenecks, ethnic conflicts, rampant corruption, large scale unemployment of educated youths, failure in the public distribution fronts, threat to territorial integrity etc are eating into the vitals of the social fabric of Manipur.”
    Prof L Sadananda, general secretary of SCS, said that four broad issues have been laid before the visiting Union Home minister such as, insurgency, law and order, national highways and territorial integrity.
    A priority however should be accorded foremostly to the resolution of the vexed insurgency problem, Sadananda is known to have informed Chidambaram, because the existence of more than 30 insurgent groups in the State for more than four decades necessitates “a free, frank and open hearted political dialogue between the Central government, State government and the insurgent groups without any precondition.”
    Lauding the Central government on its effort in bringing NSCN-IM and various Kuki-Chin-Mizo militant groups with a positive peace initiatives for resolution of conflicts in the State, SCS has cautioned the Central government through the Union Home minister that “although much remains to be done to restrain the flagrant violations of the ceasefire ground rules by the cadres of the UG outfits in dialogue with the Government. But the fact remains that without bringing insurgent groups especially United National Liberation Front (UNLF), RPF, PREPAK, KYKL, Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP) etc. to the negotiating table, all efforts to usher in peace in trouble torn Manipur will turn out to be an exercise in futility.”


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