Sharmila receives another award for crusade against AFSPA


Iron lady Irom Sharmila being presenting Signature Peace Awards by the team of Signature Sarva Gunah Sampanna Awards Selection Committee on Monday at JNIMS before she leaves for CJM Imphal east. 2010-12-28 | by : IFP Photo
Iron lady Irom Sharmila being presenting Signature Peace Awards by the team of Signature Sarva Gunah Sampanna Awards Selection Committee on Monday at JNIMS before she leaves for CJM Imphal east. 2010-12-28 | by : IFP Photo
IMPHAL, Dec 27: The Signature Training Centre, Guwahati in recognition of Irom Chanu Sharmila and her 10 years long fast with iron resolve and determination against AFSPA, 1958 has today awarded her with the Sarva Gunah Sampannah- Award for Peace and Harmony.

The award which includes a traditional cap of Assam, a small money bag with Cheque of Rs. 25 thousand, a memento with flower, was handed over to Irom Chanu Sharmila today while she was waiting on a police vehicle at the JNIMS compound before being taken to the CJM Imphal east lamphel, even though the formal award distribution was held on November 9 at Guwahati. The representatives of the committee had to come down to Imphal to hand over the award due to the security and health aspects of Irom Chanu Sharmila.

The STC awards has been instituted to commemorate the completion of 12th year of the institution and has been conferred on four deserving women who have left an indelible imprint in the society by their exploits, struggles and achievements in the recent times.

Madhumita Saikia, Principal, Signature Training Centre and the editor Saundriya aro Sasthya, who handed the award to the iron lady of Manipur elaborated that it is high time the government eradicate the deadly Act of AFSPA, 1958. She has also mentioned that the Signature Training Centre had formed a committee which had chosen Sharmila for the award as a show of solidarity to the Sharmila and her democratic form of protest which has stood for 10 long years in her fight against the deadly act, which she maintained is not only for Manipur but for the whole of India.

The struggle is not only for Manipur, it is for the entire Northeast people. We must fight alongside her against the Act which has made lives very horrible. AFSPA empowers security forces to arrest and kill suspects with impunity, this is not fair. We are not animals, we are also human beings, everybody is not a criminal, she added.

She has further stated that her organization will be spreading awareness of Sharmila and her works in Assam as a show of solidarity with Irom Chanu Sharmila.
On receiving the award, Sharmila stated that she is happy on getting acknowledgement from the people in the form of the award however; she has no desires for any awards.

She has also wished the people of the state for a new and peaceful world in the coming New Year before being whisked away to the Court.

In the meantime, she has been remanded for further judicial remand till January 10, 2011 by the Justice Ronal Keishing, CJM Imphal East, Lamphel today noon.

The anti AFSPA agitation launched by Sharmila some ten years back has reached a crescendo and a landmark given the widespread solidarity it has garnered with internationally recognized awards coming home via overdue acknowledgments. It’s been 10 painstaking years of human endurance and resilience being tested and tried.


  1. So your karma is to see someone dying and make discriminatory comments such as “MAYANG’s mentality.”

    Don’t you realise you are hundred times backward then the mayang of Bihar, Bengal and Assam?

    Don’t let your barbaric attitude let die your beloved one. If you dearly and sincerely love someone. You would surely do something to save not just sitting back and watch someone die, making hyprocretory comments eche or nura etc. I am sure you would not allow your nura or chanu die untimely or suffer.

    Listen up!
    Peace and harmony will only arrive in the land when manipuris learn to support one another regardless of the differences in the so called man named tribal, mayang and meetei. We can only see peace and harmony if we can focus in one goal that is to fight for justice in the land.

    Politicians are politician for themselve only concern about building their empire by public money where as naharols from different faction are torturing, robbing and taxing in the name of sana leibak or nagaland or kuki land. Do you think a protest such as this will help?

    Do you think it is in manipuris’ karma to experience such a severe violence and bloodshed and injustice which has become daily norm in Manipur?

    Open your heart and mind, raise high your antena to learn more about peace and proseperity in the land rather than giving a hypocritory remark like Eche or Nura and making a discriminatory act. I am sure you would not like to see your nura or eche just die like that. Yes she is a poor lady as she is helpless and her protest yield no fruit apart from recieving award. Award is only benefecial for her not for you and me.

    Surely if you are an educated or civilise person you should think what support is being made available to I Sharmila, apart from tube feeding to keep her alive.. Has she been given any emotional support by a professional counsellor….do you know?

    Manipuris by now need to realise if protest such as this is to pave way for peace and justice in the land. Manipur would have been a land of saints and much developed land than any other parts of the world. It is PROTEST that escalate violence, harship, poverty and injustice in manipur and they are not happening because of our karma but ignorance.

    • Mr. Bondhu! I don’t really know if i have understood your points but you seem to have mixed up everyone’s opinion and seem to be trying to give a one-size-fits-all answer. You see that is not advisable when you are actually having a group discussion.

  2. Not exactly! partially I agree that irom handler sud not venture on such misadventure. And Bonthu (bhai banthu-mean s***ing mayng frens etc bangoli version bandhu) ur name s***s as its one of the burden that ur psychic lineage inherited for long. Your name is as shallow as ur thought about fasting.

  3. Your don’t get the point Bondhu…. she is protesting against a Barbarian law of the colonial times… by fasting but she is force fed…. those who took up the guns are clearly not working out… so this is a non-violence method which people around the world supports and respects…..
    so get out of your mayang mentality or slave mentality and comment like a Mapu of the Land…. and Adress her as Eche or Nura Temsingnabi……. you will get and blessing and be enlightened

  4. This poor lady seems to have been driven to pseudo fast by media and alike award such as this. Technically speaking fasting is a total abstain from food and drink including refusal of any forms of intake of food and fluid which include feeding through a nasal. Therefore she is technically not fasting and no body can literally fast for 10 years.

    No disrespect of Sharmila, but allowing to commit such self persecutory acts should be put to STOP and appropriate clinical assistant must be given before it is beyond control. Dont you not think she require somekind of psychotherapy treatment in order to restore her back to a normal life that we all enjoy?

    • Mr. Bondhu,

      The way you address I Sharmila as “poor lady” and your call to bring her back to “NORMAL” life shows how naive you are. You may be under the impression that you are living a good life (eat good food, sleep, happy family) but you don’t seem to realize you have the potential to make a change to this world for the better. As it is, your purpose of life seems to be procreation which is fine but don’t forget others may have a different purpose like I Sharmila who is risking her life for you to achieve your goals.
      The difference between you and I Sharmila is she has withstood all the negative energy (like your comments) for 10 years and still pursuing her dream. If this is not Karma what is?

      As long as the protest is democratic in nature and legal, i don’t see any reason why you should have a problem with it.


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