SK-Oil scarcity issue raised in Assembly


IMPHAL, Dec 23: MLA of Wangkhem Assembly Constituency K Meghachandra has drawn the attention of the state Consumer Affairs’ and Food, Public Distribution to take possible measure to solve the grievances facing the people of the state, specially the people living in rural and interior areas over the scarcities of the SK oil (Kerosene) which is included under the essential items of CAFPD, Manipur.
MLA Meghachandra, mentioning this while taking the opportunity of the session today in the house, further mentioned that blaming the authority alone by the state government and departments concerned for the scarcity of petroleum products in the state since May this year could not solve any of existing problems and grievances of the people of the state. And further he termed the present scarcity of the SK oil as a failure of the concerned department and state government to dealt with the authorities of the IOC and opined in the house to hand the matter to him and he will finish it within two weeks he boldly declared in the house while moving his motion during the Zero hour of the session today.
In the meantime, speaker I Hemochandra, catching the sentiments of the movers and considering the grievances faced by the people caused by the scarcity of the petroleum products mainly SK Oil, Petrol and Diesel in the state for more than the last six months, has further drawn the attention of the state government and concerned CAFPD to take up effective measures to solve the existing problems in the transportation of petroleum products and distribution to the public as usual on regular basis.


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