Strict regulations for New Year celebration


IMPHAL, Dec 27: The State police department as precautionary measures to prevent unwanted instances of  road mishaps during the festive season of the coming New year’s Day celebration, 2011, will be organizing  special drives from December 30 to strictly  implement certain safety norms and pull up any erring riders.
According to an official statement issued by the SSP Imphal West, the department has recorded multiple cases of road mishaps during festive days like new year’s in the past many years which have claimed many precious lives and as a result the state police department has decided to initiate certain drives by regulating certain road safety norms ahead of the New Year celebration, 2011 by imposing some rules and regulations to the riders of different vehicles in the state.
As per the officially announced rules and regulation by the state police department, it is liable for imprisonment of upto 3 months or a fine of Rs.500 or both u/s 181MV Act for driving motor vehicles without driving license; driving motor vehicle by a minor (under age) could attract imprisonment of 3 months or a fine of Rs. 500 or both u/s 181 MV Act; for the owners of vehicles allowing a minor or a person without driving license drive his/her vehicle could attract imprisonment of 3 months or a  fine of Rs 1000 or both u/s 180 MV Act; a fine of Rs.2000 which may be extended upto Rs.5000 u/s MV Act for driving without Registration Certificate of the vehicle and imprisonment of 3 months for a fine of Rs.1000 or both u/s 192MV Act for driving vehicle without Insurance Certificate.
The official announcement also further mentioned that, a fine of Rs.300 will be collected from triple riding on a two wheeler (bvc) vehicles, a fine of Rs.300 and for vehicles plying without displaying registration number; imprisonment of 6 months or fine of Rs.2000 or both u/s 185 MV Act for driving by a drunken person or by a person under the influence of liquor/drug, while a fine of Rs.400 for the first offence and fine of Rs.1000 for second offence u/s 183 MV Act for driving at excessive speed; a fine of Rs.300 or both u/s 177 MV Act for driving with overloading of car/M-Gypsy/Maruti Van/Bus in violation of section 135 (B) MV Act, imprisonment of 6 months or a fine of Rs.1000 or both u/s 184 MV Act for driving motor vehicles at a speed which is dangerous to public, and the person driving two wheelers without wearing helmets will be fined and challaned as per existing law and imprisonment for a term which may extend upto 6 months or fine Rs.400 for driving motor vehicles using mobile phone u/s 184 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.
The official announcement of the SSP Imphal west district police station further mentioned that, all the general public are requested to cooperate and help the police in curving road mishaps and to save precious lives during the ensuing New Year’s Day celebration, 2011. And the very special drive has been made with the intention of disturbing the festive mood of the New Year but to check the alarming instances of road mishaps which can be avoided with a little application of mind and cooperation from all concerned, the official announcement added.


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