Tangkhul women rally against militarisation


From John K. Kaping

UKHRUL, Dec 2: Large number of people, mostly Womenfolks in Ukhrul staged a “Peace rally” marking the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women”.

The rally was jointly Organized by the Tangkhul Shanao Long(TSL) and Action of Women in Development(AWID) today morning at Ukhrul town.

The womenfolk marching in the “Peace rally”carried placards that read,” shun violence against women”, “time to wake-up” etc converged into the Tangkhul Naga Long(TNL) ground for public meeting.

The theme underlining in the occasion was to focus on “structures of violence, defining the intersections of militarism and violence against Women” co-relating the context of the present Women Community in the state said secretary AWID Jayanti Keishing in her keynote address.

She stressed on “extra-judiciary” and “draconian laws” in particular the Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 that give extraordinary powers to the military in the name of protecting the people and the land, but many people mostly women fall victims under this unwanted Act, she said.

Women end up ‘raped, tortured, harassed, killed” under military rule under the Act, she added.

A short but comprehensive historical backgrounds on how the Tangkhul Women had suffered under “terrorizing” military powers during 1955-56 was also sketched.

It focussed on the nightmarish stories of Miss Rose who was raped by the Army personnel which led to the sacrifice of her precious life, and consequently to the formation of TSL.

The apex Women`s League in Ukhrul was delivered by K Sarah, the first convenor of the TSL also the functionary president.

Wungnaoshang Shimray, president TKS and Zanyo Varam, president, Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long(TMNL), a Youth Council Forum, remained the speakers during the function with Solomon Ningshen, President, TNL as the chief guest.

The women participants in the occasion wore a sculptured bamboo batch signifying to realize the time to strengthen the women`s rights in fighting the suppressed look-ins on the female gender and the male participants had a pasted a “white ribbon” symbolizing in supporting and protecting the rights of the women in the present and future Peaceful coexistence.

The function was graced by K Wungreiwon, secretary, TBCA(Women) and Revd. Aping Khamrang, Pastor, UBC in the opening and closing Ceremony with vote of thanks delivered by Mrs. Silla J. Konghay, President, TSL with all shops, movement vehicles remained standstill during the function. A “role play” competition on the gender difference was conducted by different Local Women groups in Ukhrul town during the occasion.


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