Vendors issue still unresolved


IMPHAL, Dec 21: The issue regarding the vendor seat allotment of the three newly inaugurated Ima markets at Khwairamband Bazar is yet to be settled till date even though IMC and MAHUD officials have been scrutinizing the allotment of vendor seats since two days back without bringing any conclusion to the seat allotments even though their had been intimation from the works minister K Ranjit before to finished the allotment of vendor seats before the 9th Session (Winter Session) of the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly which will be starting from December 22.
According to one of the vendors the officials of IMC and MAHUD had stated that the officials will be screening their vendor cards again even though it was already done after some fake cards had surface during the previous allotment of seats.
The women vendors were also anguished at the size of the space allotted to them. They have complained that the space allotted to them is too small and causing more inconvenience to them.   
Meanwhile it may be stated that due to the apprehensions amongst the vendors that they may lost their seats in the newly inaugurated markets, vendors who have already been allocated their seats have been going early in the morning and guarding their vending spaces even if they are not selling anything so as to ward off any danger of being ousted by the others.


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