ZRO hauls up suspects in CCpur rape and murder case


From Kaimuanthang
Lamka Dec 23: In a major breakthrough, three persons allegedly involved in the gruesome rape and murder of Hatkholhing, 56, w/o Songzamang Guite at Yaiphakol on the night of December 11 were caught by Zoumi Revolutionary Organisation (ZRO) today.
The culprits were caught this afternoon around 3 pm by the ZRO. They have been identified one Ibochou, 20 , s/o Tiken of Thingkangphai, G. Imo Singh, 30, s/o Ch .Ibocha of Yaiphakol and W. Tomba, 40, s/o Angou Singh
Sources from the ZRO said that the three individuals have confessed to their crime of raping and killing the victim on the night of December 11 at about 6 pm which happened to be a night when the Laiharaoba was observed at the Village.
Further in their confession the culprits disclosed that they saw their victim going towards Misao Lhahvom village before reaching Yaiphakol Village.
Suddenly they hit out a plan to rape her and when the deceased victim reached the area where the culprits were sitting, on a culvert, they overpowered the woman and then rape her, said the source.
Soon after they killed the woman by slitting her throat, they then took the lifeless body into the nearby paddy field and buried it under piles of straws, further add the source.
On the other hand one of the accused G Imo Singh of Yaiphakol had been accused before in the rape of a 16 years old girl at Ngoltha village some years back, the source added
The culprits were handed over to the Police by the ZRO later in the evening in the presence of district administration heads, the SDPO/Ccpur and the joint philanthropic organization leaders.


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