ZU clarifies on Orange Festival invitation


    IMPHAL, Dec 10: Amidst the blame of the United Naga Council to the Zeliangrong people for inviting the Chief Minister of Manipur to grace the Orange Festival, the Zeliangrong Union, Manipur has clarified that state government has been celebrating festival for last many years and there is no question of Zeliangrong people inviting the Chief Minister or any VIPs to grace the ocassion.
    Appriciating the decision of the Chief Minister to grace the festival despite of the boycott called by the NYF, the ZU further said Tamenglong district being the most backward district in the state, banning of VVIPs to visit the district is nothing less than denying the opportunity for development of the district. It also said the visit of the VVIPs in the district should rather be welcomed by one and all considering the backwardness of the district.
    The ZU further said the Chief Minister’s strong desire to visit Tamenglong district during the Orange Festival is laudable however, the government should also appeal its citizen for cooperation and fullest participation from the people of the district. 
    Unlike previous celebration in tlie past, the ZU expect tliat this year festival will enhance Orange growers to benefit from the festival.
    Taking into account the reality of the nature of Orange plantation and production leading for extinction if not proper care and right step of measures to control, this year celebration is important in order to inculcate the Orange growers learnt how to preserve tlte plant from dying. Orange being one of the fruits most suitable for the climate of the district, the Govt. should take up necessary steps to provide assistance to the growers so as to enable them to sustain their livelihood through Orange plantation.
    Improving the economical condition of tlie Orange growers who are craving for daily sustenance will automatically accelerating development activities in the district, Tlterefore extending maximum cooperation, support, participation from all quarters for the grand success of the celebration will be more appropriate.


    1. I think it is the best reply to Nagaland Nagas who tries to divide Manipur. they block our National Highway more than 2 momths…. they are the sole Problem of manipur suffering. they plays the dirty politics …. acting having sympathy & playing emotional tricks to manipuri nagas… Development is the most important is what Manipuri Nagas wants…
      They are the master mind of all the illegal and inhuman activities going on border… Thanks God OUR brother Manipuri Nagas started to understand their fellow Nagaland Nagas dirty tricks.


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