Abducted IOC manager released; Oil pumps to open as usual

By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jan 23: The abducted Division Retail Sales Manager, Indian Oil 
Co-operation Limited, Kh Ibobi Singh, has been set free by his abductors 
unconditionally today afternoon at around 12:30 pm at Tingri Village, 
about 5km east of Sekmai Police Station.

K.I Singh was abducted for a ransom of rupees one crore, a monetary 
demand imposed on the department disclosed, Bijayenti, the victim’s 

Bijayenti further disclosed that the miscreants who abducted her husband 
identified themselves as Naga People Support Group.

In the meantime, a team of media persons had rushed to the victim’s 
Sekami Bazar residence on receiving news of the manager’s release were 
denied any information by the victim stating that his physical condition 
is not that good; however he let his wife Bijayenti meet the scribes and 
give an account of his kidnapping.

Relating to the incident of her husband’s kidnapping, Bijayenti stated 
that after being released by his captors at Tingri, KI Singh, 57 of 
Sekmai Bazar walked on foot for some time till Awang Leikinthabi, where 
he met a man cleaning his vehicle. He borrowed the mobile handset from 
the man and contacted his deputy manager one Gaidouchung who sent a 
departmental vehicle to picked him up from the area.

Her husband was abducted by miscreants on January 21 evening while he 
was returning home from Imphal. The abduction came to light the next day 
only after the abductors called the family members and identified 
themselves as Naga People Support Group. The abductors further cited his 
kidnapping as related to a monetary demand of rupees one crore imposed 
upon the IOC, said Bijayenti and further added that KI Singh was 
released safely today afternoon unconditionally by its abductor even 
though the department is yet to pay the ransom money.

Bijayenti also expressed its gratitude to the department and all the 
others for rendering their assistance which resulted in the safe return 
of the abducted victim.

Meanwhile, the shut down of the Oil depots and cease work strike imposed 
by the staffs of the IOC in protest against the abduction has been 
called off immediately and return to normalcy after the receiving the 
report of the release KI Sing. 
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