Appeal for temporary market sheds


IMPHAL Jan 14: The Khwairamband Bazar Vendors Nupi Yaipha Lup in a press statement has appealed to the state government to accommodate the street vendors at the temporary market sheds.
Voicing the hardship suffered by the women street vendors, the release stated that out of necessity the women have been braving the elements at the roadside to eke out a living.

However out of the meager profits earned by the vendors, fines have been collected by the authorities of the Municipal Council on one pretext or the other on a weekly basis. The police metes out constant harassment by seizing the wares and the women and later releasing them at mid night, this is a discrimination against the women and the concerned authorities should prevent such acts of atrocities, the release said.
Further, the statement affirms that if the street vendors are given marketing space at the temporary market sheds as since the former occupants are permanently shifted to the newly inaugurated Ima Markets, the flow of traffic will become much smoother and traffic jams will become less.

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