Congress continues to increase margin in Manipur civil polls on second day of counting


IMPHAL, Jan 8: The Indian National Congress is still leading the fray even as the counting process for the election of Municipal Councils and  Nagar Panchayats entered its second day with counting still in process in just about 20 wards remaining.
The counting as per the provisional result is over in Imphal East, Imphal West, Bishnupur  districts today, however counting is yet to be finished in some wards of Thoubal district.
Even though the Congress Party is doing exceedingly well in the overall counting, the Independent candidates are giving a tough fight in most of the districts including Imphal West, Thoubal and Imphal East. The Congress party is leading by 33-32 over Independent candidates in the Imphal West district, while in Thoubal district it is leading by 37 to Independent’s 30.
Till the filling of this report, the INC had already rounded up 125 wins 23 more than it’s nearest rival, Independent candidates who have won in 102 wards. The CPI had rounded up a mere 10 wins with state regional party MPP taking only 8 with NCP winning another 10 till the filling of this report.
In Imphal West the INC rounded up 33 seats while the independent secure 32, 3 by NCP and one by MPP. In Imphal East district, the INC had secure 14 seats, 10 by Independent, 5 by CPI, one by MPP.
However two wards which included ward No. 12 in Imphal West district and ward No.2, were boycotted as per the result.
In Bishnupur district the INC had secured 41 seats while its closest competitor Independent secured 30 seats. The NCP secure 7 seats leaving far behind the CPI with 2 seats and MPP secure with 3.
The counting is yet to be over altogether 22 wards of which 4 wards in Sikhong Nagar Panchayat and 9 wards each in Heirok and Wangjing Nagar Panchayat.
The Congress Party is leading in the fray so far according to provisional results received late in the evening today. The counting for the remaining ones will resume from 8 am tomorrow at the concerned DC offices.
So far, 125 councilors have been declared elected from the Congress, closely followed by Independents at 102. CPI and NCP both at 10 and MPP at 8 are trailing behind even as counting for five municipalities and nagar panchayats seats remain. In an absolute sense, the Congress party has thus been performing dramatically well even when compared to its nearest rival from the Independents.
Significantly, two councilors in general are supposed to be elected from one municipality and nagar panchayat wards.
The Congress have been able to muster up nine municipalities and nagar panchayats, while the Independents are close behind at eight in a tight race.
The Congress party has won with absolute majority in one municipal council and six nagar panchayats seats of Imphal West district from Sekmai and Lamsang nagar panchayats, where as the Independent has won absolute majority in three nagar panchayats and one municipal council.
In four municipal councils and three nagar panchayats of Bishnupur district, the Congress has won absolute majority from three municipal councils while the Independent has won in one municipal council and two nagar panchayats. NCP has won absolute in one nagar panchayat seat from the district and counting for the last seat of the nagar panchayat of the district is yet to be finished.
Meanwhile no party or the independent could get an absolute majority from the three municipal councils and nagar panchayats of Imphal East district.
In Thoubal district where nine municipal council and nagar panchayat seats are at stake, counting for only five municipal council and nagar panchayat seat could be completed today, out of which Congress has won absolute majority in four municipal council and nagar panchayat seats and drew with the Independent in one.
Counting for the remaining seats of the municipal councils will resume tomorrow, and counting for ward development committee members will follow thereafter.
The election for the local bodies was held on January 3. Altogether 256 councilors and 453 ward development committee members will be elected for the eight municipality areas comprising of 109 wards while 484 councilors and 697 ward development committee members will also be elected for the 18 Nagar panchayats encompassing 170 wards.

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