Depts told to seek cabinet approval before hiring lawyers for court cases


IMPHAL, Jan 17: There is resentment following lapses by the Administrative Departments in engaging private advocates in the defence of cases against state government in High Court and Supreme Court of India following the government’s failure to clear out huge amounts of fees for the hired private advocates by the government.
In this connection, state law department has come out with an order to avoid any lapse by the Administration Departments in the engagement of the private advocates.
Certain instructions of procedure have been spelt out for processing the merit of the cases for which advocates are to be hired.
In cases related to the High Court/Supreme Court and these hires will require the Law Department to propose the matter to the state government to take appropriate cabinet decision, a reliable source added.
The new norms also include among others the need for all administrative departments to refer such court matter to Law Department having financial implication of Rs.10 lakhs and above for engagement of private advocates.
The proposal shall include a detailed note containing the details of the financial implication of the case, a history sheet of the case and all the related files.
In respect of High Court and Supreme Court cases involving state policies with wide ramifications and or huge financial implications, the administrative departments shall mandatorily consult Law department and the Ld. Advocate General, Manipur.
Further in all cases where the Chief Secretary has been cited as a party/respondent, it shall be the responsibility of the Administrative secretary to show the Affidavit/Rejoinder etc.
After vetting in the  Law department and Ld. Advocate General, besides the  state Law department is waiting for the approval of the state cabinet in this regard the source added.

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