Editorial – Health for None


Leader Writer : Jimmy Leivon
The basic idea and approached of the concerned health authority of the so called “Health for All” and “All for Health” apparently is in murky position here. The aphorism has yet to give its glow in the context of Manipur, the health care devilry systems and its sub-ordinate units have always comes into controversy or story of apathy.

The campaign for the theme “Health for All” and “All for health” envisaged in the National Health Policy began since 1983. However despite attending over almost three decades the vision is finding it hard to make its way out from amongst the midst of controversy or allegations etc. This is the point when all the parties involved become a laughing stock. The victim parties point their fingers at the Doctors alleging negligence or highhandedness while the opposite explains the medical complicacy involved and stand firm on their innocence.

The uncertainty over such controversies always put the health care delivery systems of the state in doubt or jeopardy despite enjoying the high status and facilities in the field of medicines. For instance let us take the very recent case of the death of a woman after delivering a child at a home base clinic who later passed away at RIMS and the controversy erupted thereafter. Similar case of negligence by doctors at RIMS also rocked the recently concluded winter session of the Manipur Legislative Assembly. In both the cases blame on medical authority comes to the focus of everyone.

The first case mentioned has taken everyone by shock on learning how on earth a Doctor who is allegedly claimed to of expert in treating Tuberculosis had been practicing medicines which included “gynecology” which not at all is not her subject. The doctor here needs to think the maximum risk she is taking. Moreover, delivery issue has become a delicate and sensitive issue in Manipur. Many unwanted incident had erupted following the case.At the same time, the ignorant of the patient parties is also questionable as to how and when was the last time he had attend a medical seminar or such. Taking the risk in letting a TB doctor knowingly handled a sensitive case.

In the meantime, a big interrogation mark goes to the Health Department for allowing Doctor to practice without proper authentication of their expertise. Or Whether the case is a negligence on the part of the concerned authority for time to time monitoring. The used of three tier administrative set up of the Health Services in the State as mentioned by the authority has concretely failed to proven its worth of administration.
Coming to the second case of negligence allegedly pointed out by a senior opposition MLA, the case has a strong point for allegation made as the Chief Minister of Manipur himself has admitted the irregularities and incompetency.

What ever the name of the game may be it is in the hand of the concerned Governments to prevent it from recurring by learning its past mistakes. Degradation of reputation of our premier institute, trust worth health care systems due to allegation or negligence is our only lost.


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