Emoinu celebrated in spectacular fashion


IMPHAL, Jan 17: As celebrated in the past many years traditional worship of Ema Imoinu was extensively performed across the state amongs Meitei families today.
In a clearly fresh growth of fervour for the age old traditions, many local clubs and religious organizations marked the day with traditional festivals.
In connection with the auspicious day almost every locality in greater Imphal and valley districts lighted candles in the streets.
The biggest and most unique celebrations were also the ones organised by social organisations such as League of Callow Patriots, Wangkhei Ningthem Pukhri Mapal, The Poirei Eethiba Lup (PEEL) Emoinu festival with traditional rituals at Yumnam Leikai Lairembi Lampak, Students Welfare Committee Thoungju Phieja Leitong at Pheijaleitong Community hall with religious performances and various entertaiments this evening.
The yearly festival where Goddess Imoinu is worshiped falls in Wakchingi Tarainithoini Panba on the Hindu calendar and the ancient Meitei calendar Meitei Khuthek.
Meitei households tidy up their houses and bathe before supplicating to the goddess Imoinu which is followed by mouth watering fish cuisine on this day.
According to Meitei belief, during the ancient time when human beings and gods could communicate there was a King from the East (Nongpok Ningthou) who went on a hunting expedition in the wilderness. On his way the King met and fell in love with a woman called Piyainu. He went on to marry and live with Piyainu but left her soon after for his royal palace, leaving Piyainu alone.
As years went by, Piyainu gave birth to a son called Chaklamba who was restricted to go eastward towards the Meitei land lest the King will find out his identity.
But as gods would have it, one day Chaklamba ventured out to the west for hunting and met the King, his father, who involuntarily knew that Chaklamba was his son. The King proposed to give away anything he asked in his kingdom in return for sparing the animals.
Upon returning home Chaklamba narrated the incident to his mother who suggested that he should accept nothing from the King but the old woman, Ibemthu Imoinu, sitting at the hearth. As his wish was granted eventually and Imoinu was brought home, wealth and prosperity reign in the Meitei land.
In modern times, as a ritual Meiteis visit the royal palace in Kangla to fetch royal fire on this particular day and share out to all the households in the localities and beyond. This is believed to bring wealth and prosperity in the land. The day has beenĀ  declared a State holiday.

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