FCI drivers to have talks with Government


IMPHAL, Jan 11: Drivers of requisitioned trucks for FCI duties have today taken three resolutions regarding their demands to the government.
They resolved to have talks with the FCI officials in the presence of state DGP and work out a solution to their demands.

Stranded requisitioned trucks on FCI duties at Khuman Lampak on Monday.
Stranded requisitioned trucks on FCI duties at Khuman Lampak, Source IFP

They have also taken a resolution to demand from the government to allow the requisitioned trucks meant for carrying essential commodities like sugar, wheat, rice etc to ply freely on the highway without the security cover interfering when the truckers wanted some relief during the course of their journey.
They further stated that empty trucks on their way to the FCI godowns alongwith the security covers should be allowed to stop when technical snags occurs in their vehicles during their journeys.
The truckers have further taken the resolution that the accompanying security personnel should be held responsible and be accounted for any untoward incidents happening at the FCI Dimapur godown.
In case of failure of the government to acknowledge their three resolutions, the truckers have further decided to stay off NH 39.
The transporters have been agitating regarding the failure of the government in providing full proof security cover for the trucks which have been lifting essential commodities from FCI godowns outside the state.
It may be mentioned that the truckers due to the failure of the government to act according to the safety measurements under the requisition norms agreed signed by theĀ  government before had entered into an agitation to stay off the road and from holding their truck steering since a couple of days.

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