Govt failure to provide utilization certificates creates hiccups for running SPA projects


IMPHAL, Jan 30: There is an apprehension of the termination of various projects and schemes undertaken in the state under the Special Plan Assistance of the Centre during the financial years starting from 2006-07 to 2010-11 caused by the non provision of utilization certificates timely for various schemes and project undertaken in the state by the state government.
According to a highly placed official source, the multiple failures of the state government to provide the Utilization Certificates of the implemented projects which have already been started in the state under SPA has resulted in the official instructions from the Planning Commission of India for the terminations of the already started projects under SPA, on the charged that state government has failed to provide the official  informations to the Centre on the implemented schemes under SPA under the laid down  terms and conditions for evaluation of the projects taken up under SPA.
It may mentioned that, the  centre had already indicated and instructed the state government to follow the terms and conditions for evaluation of the projects taken up under SPA that, the state government need to verify whether the works undertaken are executed as per approved estimated/ plan of action/ time frame, and its is also instructed to verify whether the physical progress is commensurate with the released fund, and it also advised to verify and check whether work has been executed as per approved specifications and designs and whether materials used in the work conform to prescribed BIS standard, buildings codes and other specifications and finally it has been advised the state to verify and check whether work has been executed within the  approved estimated  cost and as per the implementation scheduled  laid down in the  DPR/estimates.
In fact the recent, implication from the concerned ministry for the terminations of the various projects undertaken in the state under SPA for the last six years in the state will also be another reason for the state government to show its accountability in the implementation of the projects and schemes as the state government had failed to table the progress of the report of the works/interim reports to be submitted to Chief Secretary for timely forwarding the centre, the official source added.
It may be mentioned that state government taking priority for the total electrifications of the entire state of Manipur had taken up the project under SPA since the financial year 2006 till today for the Upgradation of Installed Capacity of 33/11KV and distribution (11/0.4KV) Sub-stations in Manipur with an estimated cost of  Rs 15 crores,  Renovation & Modernization of 132/11KV Sub-Station at Yurembam,  with an estimated cost of 25.83 crores, Installation of 33/11KV Sub-Station at Kangla with an estimated cost of Rs. 4 crores,  Construction of  132 KV S/C line (Second Circuit) from Yurembam to Yaingnagpokpi, with an estimated cost of Rs. 25. crores, Augmentation of 132 KV sub-station at Karong with an estimated cost of Rs. 5 crores, Installation of 132/33 KV sub-station at Ukhrul & its associated line, Completion of the ongoing works of APDRP in Greater Imphal areas (2010-11) and up-gradation of existing capacity of transformer, purchase of equipments, constructions of sub-stations and procurement of conductors etc. with an estimated cost of Rs. 24.10 crores.
Further most the state government has been under taking different schemes under the  state PHED  including upgradation of water supply distribution network for Imphal city, upgradation of  distribution system of Churachandpur Water Supply Scheme,  Zone-I, II and III.
Upgradation of  distribution of  network and  replacement of raw water main for Ukhrul District Head Quarter and surrounding villages, upgradation of  pipe network and improvement of treatment sites for water supply schemes at Senapati district head quarter, distribution of pipe network for Imphal Old Thumbuthong, Bapupara over head tank, pipeline system at Yonglan Leirak in Imphal, upgradation of Chandel HQ water Supply scheme and extension of feeder line to the  surrounding areas, Waithoupat Water Supply Scheme, Thoubal District (Additional Component Phase-I),  Water Supply Scheme for Kwakeithel Thingom Leikai, Water Treatment plant at Singjamei Ward No.-17,  Sewerage Project Phase – I for Imphal City (2010-11) and  Water Supply Schemes to be implemented in various district installation of water pipes, overhead tanks with the total estimated cost of Rs.158.78 crores.
Besides the Central government with the approval of the above mentioned project had already released a total of Rs. 140.35 crores for the proper implementations of the projects during the last five years and it has been a serious concerned for the state following a strong directive to terminate the running projects due to the failures of the state to submit the DPR as directed by the centre in time and there is immediate need of the state government to seek an alternative solutions in order to continue the very projects if the state government is very much sincere to deliver the services to the welfare for the people of the state, the source added.

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