Govt order exposes leave taking habit of officers


IMPHAL, Jan 16: The official memorandum of the state government in connection with the streamlining of the restructures of the duties for the IAS/IPS/IFS/MCS/MPS/MSS/Manipur Forest Service/Manipur Finance Service/Jinior MCS officers clearly indicate the failure the state government to enforce proper administration controls in the work styles of several officers of the state.
It is learnt that top level officers of the government have been virtually out of the control of the state government regulations.
It has been learnt from the recent order that several of these officers have been proceeding on leave without prior sanction from the government authorities.
In some cases, the officer have been submitting leave applications without recommendation of the  controlling authority.
In this  connection the department of Personnel and  Administrative Reforms issued and official instructions to the official of various departments to comply with the directions which include all officers to mandatorily submit his/her leave application to the department of the Personnel and  Administrative reforms and with the proper recommendation of the  concerned controlling authority.
It also said no  government officer shall proceed on leave before it is duly sanctioned. In case handing over of  the  officer shall avail of the leave only after doing the needful, a government officer shall, except in case of leave on medical grounds, submit his/her leave application at least 30 days in advance, the order said.
In case of failure to do so, the reason for the same should be clearly indicated for consideration  by the competent authority, if the  state government officer avails of leave before obtaining sanctioning from the competent authority he/she shall be liable for appropriate disciplinary action and  finally no leave application without the recommendation of the Controlling Authority or application for ex-post facto leave sanction shall be entertained in the department of the Personnel and Administrative Reforms.
The official order further instructed that, all officer covered under these instructions are advised to ensure strict compliance of the mentioned guidelines/instructions the officer order added.


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