KHUKAMPAL warns of stern action against immoral activities

By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jan 23: The Khunai Kanba Apunba Meira Paibi Lup (KHUKAMPAL), 
Thoubal has urged students and working persons especially women staying 
outside the State to rectify their behavior before things get out of 

W. Maipak Devi, president KHUKAMPAL, while speaking to media persons 
during a press meet held today at the Manipur Press Club, said that the 
KHUKAMPAL has been able to collect evidence of misbehavior of some girl 
students and working women of the state staying outside the state. But 
taking into consideration of the respective girls’ image, the Lup has 
decided to hide the identities of the girls however with a stern 
warning, said Maipak Devi while further urging the parents/guardians of 
the girls to coax their wards to clean up their wrongdoings which have 
damage the image of the whole state or either bringing them back home.

At the same time, it has also urged the parents/guardians to approach 
the Lup at the earliest possible, while further warning to expose the 
identities of the girls incase of failure of the girls or their 
guardians to approach the Lup.
Maipak Devi further maintained that parents and guardians of wards 
studying outside the state often fail to monitor their children which 
have resulted to many unwanted incidents. The incompetence has given a 
freehand to the children which have resulted in many unwanted incidents 
like abortion, abandon by lovers after giving births etc which has not 
only defamed the concerned individuals but has also brought damaged the 
image of the state to the outside world.
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