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Indian economic development has to be viewed in the light of the socio-economic factors, preservation of the traditional skills of the people and the use of the available resources. Women as part of the socio-economic system and as they uphold the cultural and traditional values, have a strong bond with the nation’s progress. Their participation. therefore, in development activities of the societies has always called for concern. The factors affecting women’s advancement are critically linked to their socio-cultural environment though Indian Women are still far from living in a state of equality with men in all aspects.

Manipuri women’s role in the socio-economic and cultural life of Manipur is significant. They do not stay behind the veil. They are active and they know the craft of spinning and weaving of fabric. It is said that weaving is essential as breathing for every women of Manipur. In Manipur. the cloth designs differ from tribe to tribe or even from village to village. They are also experts in traditional marketing method of their products. However, they have little knowledge on modern marketing strategy.

Majority of these craft women belong to the lower/ marginal income group and the technologies they used are also still primitive. So their productions and earnings are very low/ poor though they work hard. Therefore there is urgent need to help them not only financially but also to improve/ innovate new technologies based on traditional methods/ technologies. As well as to improve their skills for modern production and marketing strategies through capacity building measures initiated by Government/ NGOs. So that we can save our traditional skills of Manipuri women and can help in increasing the socio-economic level of Manipur.

In Manipur maximum burden for the family is loaded on to the women mainiy because most of the educated youths are unemployed and when they are married the females are at risk at the reproductive age group to earn with small trades to support their family in addition to their household activities. The statistics on burden of women increased among the lower income group. Their patterns of development reflect and perpetuate the status of women in the negative role.

Understanding, helps and encouragements are very important to reduce the burden of women and it will help in the development of their work force. So that it will help the sustainability of their income for their livelihood as well as for their society.

Yours faithfully,

Kangjam Victoria Devi, Ph.D. Scholar,

Guide: Dr. S. Visalakshi Rajeswari, Ph.D. Reader. Avinashilingam Deemed University Coimbatore.

” Reproduced from IFP ”

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