Mobile users demand for more re-verification booths


IMPHAL, Jan 17: The recent announcement by various mobile service providers in the state asking their customers to resubmit their verification papers for their prepaid connections as directed by the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India, has created immense confusion and chaos among users of prepaid mobile services in the state.
Even though the last date for submission of verification documents has been declared to be January 19 by various service providers including Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Reliance and BSNL, due to the lack of re-verification counters of most of the service providers, many customers have thrown up their hands and decided to apply for new SIM cards rather than stand in long queues for revalidation.
Numerous customers of mobile service providers called the IFP office today declaring the hassles they are having to go through in the re-verification process.
One Aircel customer declared that the service provider failed to provide enough booths or counters, where the customers could submit their documents and as such the customers have to stand in long queues for the whole day.
He also stated that the queue starting from the Aircel office at Khuyathong reached the Hotel Classic at one point today.
Another customer decried that the sudden demand of the service provider have caused tremendous inconvenience for customers who are working in the government sector as they cannot devote long times standing in queues as they have to attend to their own offices, however, she added, ‘If the service providers wanted to do such things they should have first opened enough booths so as not to create inconveniences for the customers’.
Another angered customer declared that instead of wasting a whole day by standing in a queue, it would be better to spend some Rs 100 and get a new Sim card instead.
Another caller declared that the service providers are asking for the Sim card holders to do the re-verification by themselves and not to sent someone else, he further added that, for individuals who are busy and has further appealed to the service providers to either extend the last date for submission of documents or too increased the numbers of re-verification booths throughout the state, which would be of tremendous help to the customers who have been paying through their nose in order to maintain their mobile phones.
The customers does realize that the current law and order situation of the NE region demands for such registrations like the service providers are asking for, however, the service providers should also on their parts should try not to put any inconvenience to the customers.

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