Naga insurgent cadres surrender to Army


IMPHAL Jan 27: The paradigm shift in the aspiration of erstwhile insurgents and their desire to join the National mainstream were manifested in the form of eleven cadres of various Naga groups giving up arms to Major General DS Hooda, General Officer Commanding 57 Mountain Division in a simple ceremony held today at the Red Shield Auditorium, Leimakhong .
The six cadres of the NSCN-IM were Sgt. Maj. Yanger Ao who surrendered with one G3 rifle and six live rounds, Private Imti Ao with one 7.35 mm pistol and four live rounds, Private Alem Ao with one 7.35 mm pistol and ten live rounds, Private Victor Richard with 0.22 pistol, Private Issak with one AK-47 rifle and five live rounds and Private John with two Chinese hand grenades.
The two NSCN-K surrenderees are; Private Phakmaichang surrendered with one 0.22 pistol and three live rounds, Private Chang Sang Chang with 7.62 mm rifle and twenty live rounds.
FNG/NNC cadres who surrendered today were Sgt. Benyen Meyo with 7.35 mm pistol and five live rounds, Private Mongtto Meyo with 7.35 mm pistol with four live rounds and Private Mamang Wongto with 7.35 mm pistol and two live rounds.
While NSCN-IM surrendered before 5 Assam Rifles, NSCN-K and FGN/NNC surrendered before 11 Assam Rifles, both of whom are under 59 Mountain Brigade.
The surrenderees expressed remorse in having drifted away from the mainstream society and were visibly happy in the prospect of joining their families to start a new life.
Speaking on the occasion the General Officer Commanding Major General DS Hooda, complimented them for their courage and wisdom in choosing to become responsible citizens of the state and contribute to progressive realization of people’s peace aspiration. He assured them of all assistance in their rehabilitation process. The General Officer reiterated that the security forces on their part would continue to encourage all such endeavours from all insurgent groups, both collectively and individually and shall continue to act as a facilitator in their rehabilitation and in their emergence as responsible citizens of the state.
The apparent compulsions, which may have motivated these youngsters in choosing the path of militancy in the past, and which may have had some relevance, in their perception, in the yesteryears; is devoid of all such rationale in the present context. The decision of these youth was lauded as a step in the right direction and it was felt that such events may act as harbingers of numerous such positive events in future.

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