Nursing school faces students ire


IMPHAL, Jan 12: Angered and allegedly feel cheated ANM and GNM students of the S Kumar Nursing institute Porompat today stormed and turned violent at the institute after learning that the institute has been conducting classes for para-medical and accupressure even though the institute has been banned by the DESAM after it was found that the institute is not registered with the nursing body.
Around 30 angered students thronged the institute and demanded the ongoing classes to stop, however when the institute defied them, they turned violent and started destructing school properties and upturning vehicles parked inside the institute premises. The students tore down the institute hoardings and broke some school furniture before the Porompat police, led by its OC arrived at the spot and controlled the mob.
It may be mentioned that the student association DESAM had put a banned on the S Kumar Nursing Institute after it came to light that the institute is not registered or affiliated with any Nursing Council and the director Yumnam Surjit Kumar had gone missing with about Rs 10 lakhs collected from the ANM and GNM students of the institutes.
The angered students decried the institute for conducting para-medical and accupressure classes when there has been confusion and commotions regarding the ANM and GNM classes which is yet to be solved.
They further pointed out that they were bluffed into appearing for their ANM and GNM exams after providing with duplicate admit cards and conducting classes in such a scenario amounts to disregard for the ANM and GNM students of the institute.

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