One found murdered, another critically injured at Koubru


IMPHAL, Jan 17: One dead body with cut injuries on his face and another seriously injured person have been today found lying on the range of the Koubru Range around the popularly known Amamba Lok area by a group of pilgrims who were on their downhill journey after reaching the summit of the range.
The group who were unable to decide about which Police Station to approach related the incident to some media persons this evening after reaching Imphal. While speaking to mediapersons, the group who has been climbing the Koubru range for the past many years on an anuual basis, maintained that the two dead bodies were found separated by some few metres. They further maintained that they found the dead body first, however searching around the area the group found the other critically injured person lying some 100 meters farther from the dead body.
The dead body of the person, who according to the group of persons could be anywhere between the age of 35-40 years was found wearing a white vest and hunting boots, with his trousers pulled down and was wearing Hindu religious beads around his neck.
Pictures of the death body taken by the group indicated various items including utensils, vegetables like potatoes, pulses, match sticks, ointments among other items indicating that the person could have been a pilgrim or had come camping on the range. A jacket and a traveling hand bag presumably Moreh made, green in colour with ‘I am in love with you’ written on the bag were also found lying near the dead body. The hand bag which, which was found some feet away from the dead body was empty and its side seem to have been newly cut.
In the meantime the group tried to revive the injured on finding him however when the injured failed to even reply to them, they left the two as they were and decided to call the media persons first. However afraid that there still might be some of the assaulters lurking some where near and the nature of the incident made them leave the two bodies behind and further decided to inform media persons at the earliest possible.

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