Popular Front of India has demanded the arrest of RSS leaders


    IMPHAL, Jan 10: The Popular Front of India has demanded the arrest of RSS leaders.
    According to a release of the PFI, Manipur State, the PFI chairman EM Abdul Rahiman has urged the investing agencies to expose and bring to book all the top leaders of RSS which is the house of terrorism in India, in the light of the revelations contained in the confession statement of Swami Aseemananda.
    It has further stated that the confession statement is proof enough for the role of the RSS central leadership in the recent incidents of terror such as Malegaon, Mecca Masjid, Ajmer and Samjotha Express.
    It has further maintained that it is shocking that the RSS central leadership has constituted a core group to carry out blasts across the country and entrusted the task of executing the same to its National Committee member Indresh Kumar.
    It has further opined that surprisingly the investigating agencies have not yet arrested him or they are not willing to expose other RSS leaders involved in this anti national terror conspiracy.
    EM Abdul Rahiman has sought the intervention of Central Government in initiating a thorough probe into all the blast cases after 1992 to ascertain the RSS role, it added.

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