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Senapati District Students Association (SDSA) sticks to stand of banning NE Youth Festival

IMPHAL, Jan 12: The Senapati District Students Association (SDSA) in a press statement reaffirmed its resolution of banning the NE Youth Festival 2011 which is scheduled to be held in Senapati District organized by the Youth Initiative Foundation (YIF).
The statement signed by A.Pfokrehgrii Khrasi, president, SDSA, has mentioned that, as published in the local papers in the past months, the SDSA is again informing the organizers and participants that the decision remains the same and that, the SDSA and its units will adhere by its decision effectively to stop the event.
Recalling the presidential and executive council meeting of the SDSA in this regard, it said the house had unanimously decided to ban the said event in the larger interest of the student’s fraternity.
It is also recalled that, the SDSA and SDWA in a joint statement dated November 15, 2010 had reminded the YIF to change the venue, however YIF till date has responded negatively and challengingly by putting up hoardings, advertisements and printing programmes against the decision of the SDSA. Therefore, upholding the decision of the apex body, the SDSA is hereby directed to the Organizers and all the participating individuals/groups, that the SDSA should not be held responsible for any consequences arising out of the confrontations during the said event at Senapati District H/Q.

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