Success of Independant candidates in civic elections a blow to INC: Manipur Peoples Party


IMPHAL, Jan 10: The Manipur Peoples Party (MPP) has appealed to all non-Congress and non-CPI councilors who would be responsible for governing the local bodies not to get lured by the big money of the Congress party.
A statement issued by the general secretary (Publicity) of MPP, W. Hemanta, maintained that the success of the Independent candidate in the just concluded local bodies election is an indication that the public are fed up of the might and money rule of the Indian National Congress (INC).
It lauded the wise decision of the people for giving a big blow to the intention and plans of the INC, of buying the valuable votes of the people using money.
It claimed that the condition of the structure of the state has been deteriorating day by day. The deplorable road conditions, water supply, electricity, the condition of daily wagers and education etc and all the basic needs has been deprived from the common people by the ministers, MLAs of the ruling party who are concern only about how to fill their accounts, it claimed.
On the pretext of welfare and development of the local bodies the next move of the congress is to lure the independent candidates with huge amounts of money and form congress led councils.
It further appealed the councilors to recall the situation of how the congress led Municipal councils went into a dead end jeopardizing municipality councils after funds meant for public development vanished. It is upto the wisdom of the newly elected non-congress and non-CPI councilors to prevent the same thing from recurring in the interest of the public, further appeal the statement.

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