UNLF blasts BSEM chairman killing


IMPHAL, Jan 16: The proscribed UNLF has strongly condemned the act of killing the chairman of Board of Secondary Education Manipur, Dr. N. Kunjabihari on January 11 right inside his office-chamber.
A statement of the UNLF signed by its senior publicity officer, Ksh. Yoiheiba said that the murder of Dr. Kunjabihari in his office-chamber at the high security zone Babuapara is a kind of conspiracy to eliminate honest officers from the state amidst myriad cases of crime under the colonial rule of the Indian government. 
The UNLF also decried the conspirators for having committed a heinous crime against humanity just for the sake of power and position. Many corrupt officers have sprung up under the colonial regime whereby uprooting the sanctity of the society, it said.
The statement also said that the people of Manipur are suffering immensely at the hands of security forces and armed gangsters supported by them to carry out violent acts and crimes in the society. The recent abduction case of one labourer from Thamanpokpi is also another instance of crime carried out by security forces in the state.
The UNLF further appealed to all to stand united against such acts of crime and violence and help to liberate the state from the clutches of colonial rule. 



    On one side strongly condemning the act of killing of a senior chairman of BOSEM and on other side such acts are done by their own counterparts is not understood at all. This is like double edged crimes and acts.
    How come we all can stand united if they are killing innocent people like this ? This crime is committed by some underground organisations only and the blame is on some innocent person for greed of the post. There is no colonial rule of Indian government in scene here, when such crimes are plotted and committed by these so called revolutionary groups. Are they trying to build up their image back by sympathising such acts committed by their own people in public ? we all are not suffering immensely at the hands of security force nor Government. We plead to the revolutionary groups not to carryout such double edged crimes in the society. These types of activities by them and wide publicity condemning, misguide the common people. We do not want the service of the underground groups for our freedom. We have the power to vote and elect our own representatives. Let us appeal to the undergrounds to close their shop.


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