239 teachers lodged in prison


IMPHAL Feb 28: The council of Teachers` Association (COTA) in a press release by the convenor of the association, Sirajuddin Shah states that 13 teachers including representatives of Churachandpur district were arrested by the police today. The total number of arrested teachers have gone upto 239 at present and more teachers are ready to take their turn in the indefinite hunger strike protest at Churachand Higher Secondary School.

The release states that the teachers from Kakching and Bishnupur will be carrying on the strike next.

The lopsided attitude of the state government towards the teachers deteriorating conditions is tantamount to gross violation of the rights of the teachers ,the teachers lodged inside the jail are living in pathetic conditions and are physically down.

The teachers feel the angst of the students as they are viewed not as students only but also as siblings of the teachers. The teaching community feels hurt if the students suffers in their exams and the sympathy faked by the government for the students in relation to the upcoming metric and higher secondary exams is taken as a bluff by COTA ,the release states.

Meanwhile ,teachers of Kangpokpi and Sadar Hills submitted a memorandum to the ADC after a rally was carried out today.


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