Arrested teachers number reach 152


IMPHAL, Feb 14: The numbers of teachers who have been detained under judicial custody by the state police have increased to 152 following the arrest of six more teachers today during their fast unto death agitation launched at John Stone Higher Secondary Education spearheaded by the COTAdemanding in toto implementation ofCentral 6th Revise pay.

In the meantime, the COTA criticized the state government for its failure to consider remarkable services that have been delivered by the teacher communities in order to enhance the productivity of the human resources that the state government is still enjoying.

The release further mentioned that, it would be a very wrong step for the state government, to deal the education as a secondary matter and the sector itself has been utilized as granary for all forms of fund mismanagement during different phases of the state government in the state.

It has also maintained that government negligence regarding the education sector in the state could be seen from the quality that have been maintained in various constructions works that have been going on at various government schools by the contractors who are handpick of the concerned education ministers.

It has further stated that even though the government has been doing nothing regarding the wrong doers looting public money, it has totally failed to consider the valuable services provided by the teachers in the state.

Considering all these negligence that the state has committed till date, COTA will continue with their serious form of agitations in the state until their demands are fulfill.

In the meantime, the Democratic Students Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) in its statement has drawn the attention of the state government to bring an amicable solution to the demands of COTA in order to restore normal academic atmosphere in various government schools in the nearest future.


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