From Our Correspondant
    LAMKA, Feb 4: While reaffirming the stand it had taken over the issue of appointment of Sr MCS officers as the ED of DRDA in the state the CDSU in a statement issued today has warned the concerned officers with dire consequences incase they mistakenly tried to comply with the standing orders of the state government.
    It reiterated in conformity to the ATSUM`s demand that they will opposed with all their might the government’s overt attempt to keep their demands in abeyance wile urging all employees of the government departments to extend their support and cooperation
    Inspite of this the district police of any ranks and file have been pressed into service to keep the government offices work going on as usual and round the clock vigil in and around government offices have been undertaken with some policemen being made to lodge inside the office.
    Yet according to a source there is very thin attendance and in so many cases there is zero attendance.


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