Chief minister takes Rs. 4021 plan draft to Delhi for approval


IMPHAL, Feb 19: With the recent state cabinet approval to get a selective amount of Rs4021 crores as state plan for the financial year 2011-12 in hand, the state Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh had left the state capital on February 17 to lobby at various level of the central government including the union planning commission.
According to a highly placed official source, the state government has already completed the preparations for the annual plan draft for the financial year 2011-12 as per the directives given by the Planning Commission of India for the finalization of the state plan size for the said financial year.
It may be recalled that the Planning Commission of India on October 12 last years advised the state government to prepare a draft for the state Annual Plan 2011-12 proposals and submit the same to the commission by November 30 of the same year.
Meanwhile, the state government in compliance to the directives of the PCI, had started internal preparations for the said draft, soon after receiving the official intimation from the commission.
The source further maintained that the plan proposal for the Annual plan 2011-12 are to be prepared assuming an increase of 10% over the Central Assistance provided during 2010-11.
Considering the need to emphasize on the need to prepare the state plans with participation from the grassroot level, the state government held official level resource discussions relating to the Plan size from November 1 to November 20 last year, whereby the Annual Plan size was finalized and fixed at Rs 4021 crore.
Furthermore, the proposed amount for the Annual Plan size has already been discussed by the Working Group Discussion at several rounds of meeting held during the first part of December last year and on January 7 this year in the presence of the Chief Minister and officials of the Planning Department, the source added.
According to the source, the state government hade already submitted the plan proposals to the planning department before the end of the speculated time of November 30 last.
It further mentioned that based on the proposal submitted by the state Planning Department to the government, a statement incorporating their proposed plan outlay work out of Rs. 4021 crores with SPA provision of Rs. 800 crores which shows 54% increase over the approved outlay of Rs. 2600 crores for Annual Plan 2010-11 whereas over the proposed amount without SPA provision is Rs. 3220.75 crores (23.88% increase).
The proposed outlay of Rs 4021 crores includes Rs.210.15 crores for AIBP, Rs.6 crores from Control of Shifting Cultivation, Rs.13.36 crores for BADP, Rs.9.50 crores for TSP, Rs9.54 crores for Road and Bridges, Rs.20.24 crores for NSAP, Rs.90 crores for SCA, Rs.7.83 crores for Article 275 (1), Rs.50 crores for JNNURM, Rs.42.09 crores for BRGF, Rs.20 crores for RKVY, Rs.3.46 crores for NEGAP, Rs. 55o crores for SPA and Rs.62.11 crores for other ACA and EAP the source added.
It further revealed that, some departments have prepared their plan proposals more than the indicative limit of Planning Commission and Planning Department. There is sharp increase of their plan proposals which is even more than 100% of their current year allocation.
On the other hand, the official Plan Proposals for the financial year 2011-12 along with the prepared sub sectoral allocations have already been submitted by the state government through the Chief Minister O Ibobi before the meeting between the Sectoral Working Group of the union government chaired by Dy. Chairman of the Planning Commission very recently last month.
In the meantime, with the fixation of PCI meeting with the state Chief Minister for the finalization of the annual plan outlay for the financial year 2011-12 on February 21, O Ibobi Singh along with his concerned subordinate minister and officials concerned of the state planning department have stationed themselves at New Delhi to lobby the union minister and officials of the PCI for signing the approval of the allocation of the State Annual Plan, the official source added.


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