Contract employees’ fate hangs in balance


IMPHAL, Feb 27: The fate of the contract employees of various departments under the state government is still uncertain as a recent cabinet meeting held on February 28 has decided the re-engagement of the contract employees beyond February, 28 shall be de-linked from the Committee of Officers and has entrusted this task to the state Finance Department`™s Pay Implementation Cell (PIC).

According to a highly placed source, proposals for fresh contractual engagements and engagement of personnel beyond the age limit of 60 years shall continue to be placed before the C.O.O. for examination and for making suitable recommendations for consideration of the cabinet.

On the other hand, in compliance to the recent cabinet decision PIC of the state finance department, an official memorandum has been issued recently on February 17 directing all administrative departments to submit to the Finance Department any proposals for re-engagement of contract/casual employees beyond February 28 this month in the enclosed Template/Format within February, 28.

The official notification further mentioned that, the re-engagement of contract/casual employees shall be effective prospectively from the date the FD.(PIC) conveys concurrence for such re-engagement, the official source added.


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