Extreme Step- Letdown Nation!


by- G. S. Oinam
Journalism is not one day match; it is a life time job says Rajdeep Sardeshai, CNN-IBN. Journalism is an art of writing. Writing shows one’s feeling, thinking, mind and exactness. It is impossible to write meaningfully unless you have the feeling. People will listen only after you speak the truth from your heart honestly. Well, you can declare the test match series is open without saying ado. Players’ auction lines are open.

Eternal Voice (Dil Ka Bat):- “Marnese darta nahi, Sahib, Pyarse darta hai (film Dabangg)” Meaning — We don’t fear to punishment but fear in love, Sir. Please love the people inhabited before you love the land unless you are an invader. Before embarking a service project, one must be ask oneself if your heart is full of selfless, love, humility and compassion. Do your head have an intelligent understanding and knowledge of the problem and its solving? Are your hands eager to offer healing touch; and can you gladly spare and share time, energy, and skills to help others in dire need?

If you want to help people you can help. You don’t require being an elected member/ MLA /Minister to help people says Robert Vadra (son in law of Smt. Sonia Gandhi). Wish to be MLA/MP/Minister but don’t know what to do after becoming MLA/Minister is shame. Who will lead the nation forward? Individuals can do nothing.

Extreme Step—every body want to take up extreme step be it political party, organization, officials, traders, farmers or individuals. One jet Airways pilot had run over one restaurant manager for minor altercation. One DPS student was indulged in car theft and was trying to sell for pocket money, one MBA student was found indulging in car racket. One/two incumbent ministers have upside down the government machineries. Farmers are committed suicide. Opposition party sieges the parliament seating. Onion price rose up to Rs.80/- per kg is unexpected even in war time. But why? No one will listen when you request politely and sincerely. They will listen only after you show your strength and power and benefits in both sides. Who are you? What are you? What do you do? What is the relationship between you and me? These are the questions frequently asked before making a decision to award you a job/prize. No one will see the merits of your proposals first. Please live and let live. How the world must be looking India? Signal- international petroleum prices are rising up. Petroleum prices are also raise up during war time or in the time of restlessness of some countries rather than normal international price increases or decreases due to increase or decrease of petroleum demand /supply and shortfall of crud oil production. Petroleum producing countries plays a vital role in international politics in the time of Kwait war, Iraq war etc. India is a leader/ front runner in international politics but the manner and practices of domestic politics playing in the country is discouraging.

On Corruption:
Corruption is a term with many meanings, for example ‘unfair means’ in simple language but generally it entails misusing one’s office for a private gain or unofficial end. It involves both a monetary and non-monetary benefit. Bribery, extortion, influence peddling, nepotism, scams, fraud, ‘grease money’, and opportunism readily spring to mind. Usually, the very work environment and culture either foster or discourage corrupt practices. Once it infects an organization, it spreads uncontrollably, and economic costs rise. Corruption is not an absolute condition. It can range from acts of violence to rules being bent and a blind eye turned to acts that a completely moral society would consider offensive. Corruption and power are closely intertwined and their links had long been recognized. The range of variations of corruption is as wide as the criminal minds that conceive them in today’s ever changing world.

We are heavily influence by the environment we live in. Freebies are pestilence. Corruption is a common phenomenon in the family, locality, society, organization, public place, office, work place and government. Lokpal Bill, Lok Ayukta Bill, Civil society Bill, JPC/PAC, judicial enquiry, magisterial enquiry, CBI enquiry etc. etc. are all measures for punishment after crime. But the criminals are free because the mechanism is not sufficient. Instead, System Cleaner and Preventive Mechanism must be implementing effectively to reduce the quantum of corruption such as system checking, system up gradation, effective monitoring and evaluation, homely environment in office, work place, and public place etc. public relationship and counseling, grievances, RTI, customer cares, skills development, work co-ordination, team leadership, appropriate wages and incentives etc. Moral education, human value education, relationship knowledge, and Knowledge of changing life style-merit and demerit must be taught to the staff employees. Separate the attitude problems of staff employees first. If a man does not fears to die for money than what your enquiry will do? He can be punishing according to law only after he was found guilty but the amount he had damage to the system can not be recover. Therefore, prevention is better than cure.

In ground reality, you are respected because of your power and the post you held. Today, no one honour the officer after retirement. This is an attitude problem of the environment we live in. Officials are also like to use maximum discretionary power in hand during his time and finally, they misuse the power. In reality, you are getting salary as an interest payment for the amount you paid for the job and that amount will be return as retirement provident fund. Side incomes (corruption in legalized term) are the money you get for the work you done in the office. Percentages on bills are the sweat equity for your negotiation and lobbying skills sans professional/ income tax. What the laws stand for? To provide justice to the people. Who want justice? Generally, poor and weaker section of the society wants justice. Rich and strong people do not required justice. Because, justice are keep in their show box and make-up box. Example: – 1st Person: – Do you know me? Yes Sir, I know you and you are free. 2nd Person: – Do you know me? No Sir. Give me your mobile number? Hallo, hallo Sir, I know you and now you are free. 3rd Person: – Do you know me? I don’t know who you are. Suppose, if I offers you 3W (women, wine and wealth)? Sorry Sir, I am your Dog. Now, lawyers protest—poor people are unwilling to pay lawyers’ fees. Consultancy fees, Architect fees are compromised with one party. Extreme action—Building design does not have toilet / latrine. Good reason—in our society, toilet / latrine are generally unattached to the building. Wow! You are witty architect; please come and complete your toilet design I will offer you another party or I will manage it with the help of head labourers.

On insurgency
!960-70’s slang word “communist” has now replaced by 21 century term “terrorist”. Ms Arundhati Roy’s empathy to Kashmiries is called white terrorist. Kashmir experts have completed 61 years on the study of Kashmir, and now, they will require many more years on Kashmir study. Good opportunity for jobless researchers. Big cost- somebody does not like to solve the Kashmir problem. Netas are speak about Maoist, Hindu terrorist, militants etc but some of the outfits are found in the front pocket, back pocket and side pocket of netas. Positive thought—militants are now enter into political system indirectly.
Theory of Pull and Push—how wisely the politician can pull out the militants from their hole and how forcefully militants push out the netas. Politician must be focus on the target other than war of words between political parties. Negligence will damage the democratic system. Netas attitude and management must be change. Thanks to Defence personals for timely alert and its preparedness to defend the country from any possible external aggression.

What the common people want?
We want Praja-nity (politician must have empathy, compassion). We don’t want Raja-nity (VIP culture). We want fair politics—no aggressive and no interference on sensitive matters. Be reasonable, dude! Non political people/ organizations are more political (balancing force). Non profit organizations are more profit making. In the name of Non Alignment, Smt. Indira Gandhi had lead the country to aligned with many countries for the non aligned movement and now, NAM has total 118 member countries. Sir, Your politics is dirty. People will attract politics only after your politics become fair.
Food inflation

So sad, chacha- mama references Harvard / Oxford consultants of ministries and Planning Commission does not work. India government does not have good mechanism to control food inflation. Onion price – Rs 80/- per kg is utterly ridiculous. It is the outcome of serious negligence of the ministry concern and lack of coordination with other relative departments or somebody’s extreme step to demonstrate the weakness of inflation control mechanism. In newspaper and TV discussion, people are talk about futures trading, stock hoarding, black marketing and money supply to control inflation in short term. And finally, blame on natural calamities. India is still slave of monsoon .Food inflation will remained existence since the politics of flood, drought and loan waiving is practicing. Some body says food prices are rising for the last two years. This is the effect of money supply—6th pay commission, bank interest, expansion of investment & buildings on farm land, finally, increase the marginal cost in the factor of production like land value, labour cost and inputs required for production including transportation. Nobody consider the marginal cost increases in the factor of food production and its relative effect on other food items. Because, the method of measuring food inflation is simply the percentage increases or decreases of prices from the base year price or last year price. Statistical indicators for measuring inflation are the Consumer Price Index (CPI), Personal Consumption Expenditures Price Index (PCEPI) and the GDP deflator are some examples of broad price indices. However, “inflation” may also be used to describe a rising price level within a narrower set of assets, goods or services within the economy, such as commodities (including food, fuel, metals), financial assets (such as stocks, bonds and real estate), services (such as entertainment and health care), or labor. The Reuters-CRB Index (CCI), the Producer Price Index, and Employment Cost Index (ECI) are examples of narrow price indices used to measure price inflation in particular sectors of the economy. Uncertainty of speculative quantity of production, higher consumption level, and cropping pattern changes by big farmers due to global demand, environmental and ecological imbalance are to be considering as priority for country like India because we are still slave of monsoon. Beside, baby boom in India—51 children are born for every one minute in India. China has recorded only 28 children per minute. What they think is about sex or child bearing? Recently home ministry has warned the babus not to use official computers while searching pornography site. Health and Family Welfare Department must give awareness of family planning in time. Beside, food inflation is profitable for retail vendors. Ginger price at wholesale market is only Rs20/- but the ginger at retail market is Rs100/-in New Delhi. A suit cost Rs.2500/- at Karolbagh, Delhi was purchased by one Manipuri singer at Rs.5000 /- (Discount price) at Imphal. One halogen heater cost Rs.850/- at Karolbagh is sold at Rs.2000-2500/- in Manipur. One light cost Rs. 100/- at Kashmir gate, Delhi is sold at Rs250/- at Imphal. Fair price retails market chain must be extended to rural areas. Vegetables and local products prices are unlevel. So, retailers can play game for profits. So, Why not onion price Rs.80/- per kg? The same onion was sold at Rs9/- in Maharashtra by Raj Thakrey party (MNS)
If India want to compete China (communist economy) on economic front and double digit GDP growth, our planning model must have inclusion of micro economic variables / tools in the macro economic model of planning.

What a Neta knows is how to raise party fund for election from businessmen and chamber of commerce. During UPA-1, a proposal was submitted for survey work of The Imphal River Desiltation Plan by the National Productivity Council of India but the proposal was put into dust bin by the minister concern. Even 50:50 share of survey cost was rejected. In the meantime, NEC have had started survey work of the River Brahmaputra. The river Brahmaputra is the 2nd waterway of India. Ministry of Water Resources have had enough fund. Instead, NEC were surveying Imphal river and other rivers of Manipur, our problem of flood and drought may be solve and the planning can be called long term plan. Everybody knows and everybody suffer for every year on flood and drought but no one give attention. Instead, relief camp, some food supply and some cash payments to the victims by local politicians as campaign for election gain are the common practices. Damages of crops for crores of rupees every year and live stocks and animals lost finally, food inflation in the state of Manipur—no one debate. Hills of Manipur are no longer green, solid and muddy particles carrying out by the rivers like Imphal River, Nambul River and Nambol River are falling to Loktak Lake. LDA plan is only to desiltate Loktak Lake for hydro power generation but they do not consider the main reason for siltation of Lotak Lake. We are just relief and waiting the outcome of Jaipal Ramesh’s forest and environment policy.

Political War:
Political war is averted. In a war, one has to lose. Somebody fought war for glory. Some wars are fought for fame and conquest. An invasion to plunder wealth and land; some are fought war to defend their nation. A war of love was fought in Troy. Victory goes to the king. No one remember the dead warriors brought back from the battle field. Attack the enemy while they are unprepared. This is the opportunity to win the battle. But, this war is the war of bad governance and corruption and the war is just beginning.

Rubbish! Don’t go out to clean the road when falling avalanche of scams of past and present. You will be hurt. There is no question of media partial. Batchcha! Don’t check out the rubbish in Google search engine about God. God has gone for vacation. Ms. Shobha De’s mail to god has been blocked and the message corrupted. Remove poverty (garibee hatao) means kill the poor. Allah! Who are the common people? Simply, Mango men (Aam Adami). Raja-nity- a politician mantra; Praja-nity- a common man’s dream. Why is god playing cruel games with us? It is perhaps, a question that comes to mind when one fails to find a satisfactory explaination of the inexplicable. But the question itself is not a satisfactory approach to understanding.

The ambition of the great man of our generation (Mahatama Gandhi) has been to wipe every tear from every eye. That may be beyond us, but as long as there are tears and suffering, our work will not be over says Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. So, please keep them suffering and tear on their eyes to continue your work. This is for you and them. What say Mr. Akimbo?

His Master says if you are heavy to move one step forward, give full strength, energy, bodyweight and jump a long. Is it about one step forward? Yes, His Master said; you will be free for ten steps more. And now, three rhetoric speeches have been drafted. One, Growth Engine—which supports the government to complete its term and another term overcome. Two, Sticky Beak—a systematic correction, which will support and attack the government; government has to do some reforms and correction. And Three, Bad Omen—which paroxysm the government to crust in homeopathic doges and put the litters into the dust bin. Now, you can choose any one. This is an open bargaining for those people having bliss of ignorance. Three monkey tricks- don’t listen, don’t speak and don’t see —time is over.


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