Governor inaugurates the Malsawm Initiatives


From Kaimuanthang
Lamka, Feb 19: There is nothing which cannot be solved, and through talks and discussion solutions of problems can be brought about.
The Governor of Manipur Jagat Singh has said this today in Churachandpur while inaugurating The Malsawm Initiatives a non profiteering organization meant for physically challenged people at Pearsonmun in his capacity as chief guest.
Urging the UG`s and other elements to came forward and then follow the mainstream of life he said we are all part and parcel of one country though different groupings and never to take recourse to violence for the satisfaction of our ends.
He said the by product of violence is sufferings of many innocent people and unwanted incidence of widows and orphans which thereafter has become a very big social issue while making an appeal to one and all to ponder for development and progress and development.
Government duty is to ensure the development and progress of the country in various spheres, he further pointed out that what everyone wants is proper health care and other infrastructure facilities which are key to development.
He said he was deeply moved on seeing the conditions of the disabled children who showcases their variegated talents on the dais and stated during his speech that since the existence of mankind there has been suffering and this question has been haunting philosophers and thinkers for a long time.
He said it is unfortunate to know that children of this region suffer much more than those of other regions in the country just because there are no facilities within their reach while adding children as a result are highly dependent on their parents. Stating such children seem to have no life and future and as a result lived a life of loneliness, worthlessness and were even abused and humiliated he maintained the need of the hour is specialize education guidance and support.
Speaking on the occasion The Malsawm Initiative, TMI, founder Pauzagin Tonsing said children with different disability will sit in the same room, share the same table, and will be guided by specially trained teachers where each child will have his or her own individual education. He or she will be taught or trained as per his/her capabilities, he said.
With opening of TMI School now 15 parents of 16 TMI children are the lucky few who will be able to see off their children going to school each morning and two more parents are waiting for such a chance, Tonsing said.
Sources said at the Initiatives/School the focus will be on basic skill training such as walking, talking and managing of domestic task along with appropriately structured formal education through professional care providers.
There shall be additional support on therapeutic services like Physiotherapy, Speech therapy and mobility training the sources added.
The Governor was given the title of Pupu which means grandfather and his wife Kiran Jagat present at the occasion as Pipi which means grandmother, The DC Churachandpur Jacintha Lazurus IAS present at the occassion was also given the title of Nunu (Mummy).
All district level officials were present at the occasion. Earlier during the day the Governor inaugurated the site for construction of Rural Self Employment Institute at about 11:40 which has been donated by Tonsing Christian Tiankham alias TC Tiankham, IAS the first speaker of the state legislative assembly.


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