KNF refutes claim of “Quit Notice”, appeals villagers to return home


IMPHAL, Feb 24: Amidst the tension prevailing in the Saparmeina, Motbung and Kangpokpi area of Sadar hills since yesterday, the Kuki National Front (KNF-P) has today clarified that no ultimatum was issued to the Meetei residents of Saparmeina, Motbung and Kangpokpi to leave their homes and villages and further stated that the reports of the SoO signatory serving a quit notice ultimatum to the meetei villagers were all rumours and handiworks of some of vested interested parties trying to tarnish and malign the image of the organization.
At the same time, it appealed the meetei Community residing at the area to return and remain calm and secure in their homes.
A press meet was held in this connection at the outfits`™ designated camp `Ebenezer` located at Natheljang, Sadar hills, where the outfit had allegedly taken some villagers, who were later released. Briefing media persons during the meet the general secretary of the outfit, Aaron H. Kipgen, said that some people are taking advantage and trying to inflame the situation. `The reports of issuing quit notice was an absolute rumours and propaganda to malign the image of the KNF`, he said.
The KNF general secretary clarifying on the reports of detention of some villagers at its designated camp maintained that it was part of the outfits`™ initiative to rescue an abducted minor, abducted by KCP MC for ransom. However all the villagers were later released unharmed having finished their investigation, he said.
He disclosed that on February 19, Sagar Prasad, a 14 years old, son of Suresh Prasad, a hardware store owner of Saparmeina, was abducted by activist of KCP MC for a ransom of 50 lakhs rupees adding that the boy remains untraceable till date. Since Saparmeina happens to be the operational area of the KNF, the outfit has exercised their rights to drive away other non-SoO groups operating in the area.
It is clearly written in the ground rules of the Suspension of Operation that a non-SoO group invading their operational area is a threat and under such circumstances they have every right to drive such groups away from their operational area even by using force, said Arron Kipgen.
Moreover the KCP MC has been frequently conducting kidnapping, extortion, threat etc along the NH-39, in their operational areas ever since the outfit entered the camp, he claimed and asserted that the KNF has able to get intel that the KCP MC was also behind the abduction of an official of a PHED from the Highway few months back.
The KNF during the course of their investigation in relation with the kidnapping had been able to find out how the abduction was carried out, however further investigation is going on in full swing.
While condemning the disturbing peaceful atmosphere of general public by imposing threat extortion, kidnapping etc, the general secretary KNF further appealed all responsible social organizations of the general community not to inflame the situation and avoid any untoward communal tension.
On the other hand, a joint civil bodies comprising of UCM, AMKIL, UMO, MAPI Council, UPF, NIPCO, Advance Women`™s Society Sekmai, has urged the KNF-P to withdraw their `quit notice` stand through local media and also apologies to the villagers for creating trouble.
Stating this during a press meet held today at Koujeng Leima Community hall, where the displaced villagers are taking refuge, JK. Mangang, secretary organization UCM, representing the CSOs expressed his discontent over the act of the KNF-P which has disrupted the co-existence of various communities at the area by causing trouble to a community.
He further termed the detention of villagers as an inhuman act and urged the concerned authority to contain and take strict action of the activities of the militant groups under the Suspension of Operation for violating the ground rules. The concerned Government should be held responsible in case of any untoward incidents arising out of the prevailing situation, he further adds. Sadar Hills is an area inhabited by different communities and is not limited to one community alone. Therefore one community must refrain from acting against the interest of the peaceful coexistence. KNF-P should promptly withdraw their verbal `quit notice` and honour the ground rules of SoO, he added. He also sought initiative from the government to have SoO signatories honour the ground rules.  


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