Mao script introduced, awaits government approval


IMPHAL, Feb 3: A Two day seminar cum workshop on ‘Phones, symbols and Mao phonetic script’ was inaugurated today by Lunkim, dy director Tribal Research Insititute who was the chief guest of the function at the Tadubi mao Council office today.
The inaugural function was attended by K Heni Henry, IAS retd commissioner Manipur and Lokho Savio researcher, English and foreign languages University, Shillong as the president and guest of honour.
The tribal script was developed by Ashiho Bonio a researcher on the Mao dialect, who stated during the function that he has spent more than 14 years of his life in research and developing the script of the Mao dialect which contains 27 alphabets. He also quipped that all 27 characters are based on the various cultural, traditional and historical aspects of the Mao tribe.
He further maintained that he was inspired and helped to start his time consuming reseach by a particular Mao folk tale known as the Dziiliamosiiro. He further based his research on the story of Dziiliamosiiro where the mother taught her three sons about the Mao cultural signs, symbols, motifs, figures, expressive phones, etc and developed his 27 letter Mao script.
He also stated that the state government had never approached him during his long 14 years research however he has also added that it is heartwarming that the TRI has acknowledge his hard work and further hope that the government will support his endeavor and support the script.
Lumkin, Dy director TRI while speaking at the function maintained that the day would be mark as a landmark in the history of the Mao community, if the government and the Mao people are able to accept and adopt the script.
Developing the script of the tribal community will help in preserving the culture of the tribe. She further added that through the development of the script of the Mao tribe of Manipur, various other facets of development can be brought to the people of the tribe.
Declaring that TRI has the main objective of developing and preserving tribal cultures and tradition in the state, she further added that the institute will provide any possible help and support to the maintaining and developing the script.
Further appreciating Ashiho Bonio for his hard work; she has maintained that his hard work will not go to waste.
The two day seminar cum workshop was organised by Ashiho Bonio in collaboration with Mao Academy Senapati under the sponsorship of TRI, govt of Manipur.
Dr Losii Heshu, academic co-ordinator NELD, NERLC, Guwahati and Rev Dr Nepuni William spoke as resource persons and helped the gathering with power point presentations on the topic. 


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