MEELAL, AMWJU resolved to expand publication space for Meitei Mayek


    IMPHAL, Feb 2: The All Manipur Working Journalist’s Union (AMWJU) and Metei Erol Eyek Lonasillon Kana Apunba Lup (MEELAL) in a meeting held today at the Manipur Press club have resolved to expand the publication space for Meitei Mayek awareness in the local dailies.
    A joint statement signed by the MEELAL president, M, Nongdalenkhomba and president AMWJU, Khogendra Khomdram, said that the meeting attended by various office bearer of both the unions and chaired by its respective president, was held this morning at 11 am.
    It said the meet further adopted another two resolutions with the objective of promoting Meitei Mayek. It resolved to publish short comic series and cartoons column with Meitei Mayek script to inculcate the child with the script and added that the comic series and cartoons would be provided by MEELAL.
    It further resolved to publish the name of the advertising firms at the headline of the advertise appearing in the local dailies with Meitei Mayek script, the responsibilities of informing the firms/institutions would be bear by the local dailies.

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    2. I ve a great suggestion MEELAL!Why dont we resolve or may be if u people like debate even,talk about changing this “meetei mayek”to kanglei mayek so that it implies to all communities but not narrowing to only meetei!We know meetei are the sole founder but it should be credited to all indigenous people of Kangleipak as puya as we know were according to history were safely guarded by even by people of kanglei in hills too(when meetei ningthou himself was in his mad situation(spellbound by Gosai))


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