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MPP launches awareness campaign on census 2011

By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Feb 8: The Manipur Peoples’ Party (MPP) has launched an awareness campaign for 2011 census operation under the theme “Let us be aware of 2011 census operation”
The campaign was launched today by the party president in charge of MPP, Y. Mangi, at the head office of the party in Imphal. The campaign will formally commence from tomorrow till February 28.
The youth president of MPP, M. Manitomba Mangang informed that as a part of the campaign a three tire working system would be enforce to monitor the operations.
The three tier system comprises of State office bearer, Constituency Committee and local committee. The volunteer of MPP volunteer during the campaign besides monitoring will welcome the officials on census duty and insist them to visit door to door.
Manitomba described the census reports till 2010 April was abnormal creating confusion adding the steps taken by the MPP is to ensure in bringing an accurate census reports.
The youth president further urged the concerned authority to bring out accurate figures of different communities residing in the state this time and warn to take legal help if doubts and confusion arises in the 2011 census reports, against the concerned authority.
While referring to the accuracy he said that the figures of communities as well as numbers of individuals belonging to a religions and full identity of a persons etc should be reflected on the reports While briefing media persons during the launching programme, Y. Mangi, said that census operation is a vital tool of the State that plays a multiple role in various fields.
He further noted that the last census has created confusion between various communities residing in the State adding considering the sensitivity of the he appealed the concerned authority to be carry out careful and accurate operations in order to avoid recurrence of confusions.
Y. Mangi further stress the need of the security forces in the census operation and appeals the general public to extend their co-operation.



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