MPP submitted memorandum to Governor


IMPHAL, Feb 7: Consequences over the expecting failure of normal  academic atmosphere which will be caused by the failure of the state  government in fulfilling the prolonged demands of the Council of Teachers’ Association (COTA), Manipur soughting for the implementation of the 6th Central Revised Pay scale in toto for the  teacher community in the state as agreed upon  by signing MOU between  the state government and COTA during Apirl last year, the MPP has submitted their memorandum to the Governor Manipur to intervene the active agitations of the teachers community.
In this regard, MPP has submitted their official representation to the governor Manipur Gurvachan Jagat today. And it had been elaborately mentioned that, the MPP strongly feels the urgency of bringing the facts that the teacher community under COTA, Manipur in particular, who are now undergoing a fast unto death agitation in the state.
The official representation of the MPP further recalled the line of agiatations that have been entering by the COTA that, the association before fast unto death agitation was launched a sit-in-protest was staged by the association in various districts of the state both in hills and valley districts in the true spirit of democracy demanding the implementation of the Central Revised Pay in toto. All forms of the agitations of the COTA have done in a very peaceful manner quite deserving of educated members of the society which started from March 9 last till April 24 last year.
The official representation of the MPP to governor Manipur further mentioned that, since no response came from state government despite of strike called by the teachers community, COTA has compelled to take resort to mass court arrest agitation later.
It is also mentioned that, state government on May 5 last year issued an order regarding 6th Revised Pay for the state government employees  which not acceptable to the teacher because of various loop-holes.
So another democratic programme of Chalk and Duster Down was launched from May 5 to November 8 last year. This was followed by  the mass cease work strike from November 15 last year.  After this another phase of the strike i/e. Relay hunger strike was launched  from the December last year. Now, this agitation has become very serious and has intensified  with family members of those has become very serious and has intensified  with family members of those who are in jail volunteering to go in jail and join the Jail bharo programme still the government of Manipur is not doing anything positive.
The official representation of the MPP further urged the state governor to intervene in this delicate matter with an acceptable  solution, so that this relay hunger strike agitation may end soon otherwise, the students of Manipur will greatly suffer. In the meantime, the volunteers of the COTA who have been arrested during their fast unto agitations and kept at Judicial Custody have stage their fast unto agitation inside the jail from today, and all teachers community have decided to boycott the ensuing bye-election to the 18-Konthoujam Assembly Constituency which  is scheduled to held on February 14 this month.
According to release of the COTA, all arrested members of the COTA who have been lodged in the jail by the state government after they were arrested during the ensuing fast unto death agitation have started their fasting agitation even inside the jail from today.
The release the COTA appreciating the unified stand of the state teachers to the wills of the COTA by extending their sincerities in keeping the welfare of the teachers communities as well as for the imparting quality educations, mentioned that, the united struggle of the teacher communities of the state have started teaching a good lesson to the this government, and time has come for the teachers of the state to stand united struggle in order to achieve their genuine demands as a result the COTA has decided to boycott the ensuing bye-election to the Konthoujam Assembly Constituency which is scheduled to held on February this month as a part of lesson which is needed to be tough to this government for its failures to follow its commitments the release added.


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