Muivah Reacts


Dimapur, Feb 9 (NNN) :  Refuting the report of TIMES NOW television news channel, secretary of NSCN-IM leader Thuigaleng Muivah said tonight, “We are totally surprised to see the heading `Muivah’s major U-turn` as broadcasted in ‘TIMES NOW news’ channel on Fevruary 9. We are sorry because it is misleading and highly questionable as the content of the talks does not mean like that in any sense”.
Muivah`s secretary was reacting to the content of the TIMES NOW report which said, “In what is a major u-turn in the negotiation process, the general secretary of rebel group – the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN), Thuingaleng Muivah – speaking to TIMES NOW, pressed that there has been no change in their stand of a sovereign Nagaland. Muivah clearly stated that they will continue negotiating with the Government”.
Meanwhile, the armed wing of the NSCN-IM claimed today that its breakaway group Naga National Workers People Support Group or simply People Support Group (PSG) has returned to their parent organisation (the NSCN-IM) on Tuesday.
 “A significant development in this regard is the merger of  NNWPSG or PSG with the parent body, NSCN. We were in different camps for few years due to some misunderstandings. Now that the issues of difference have been sorted out and the common vision clearly set before us, there is no sensible reason why we should remain separated”, stated `major` Akho Hunt, the commander of the erstwhile PSG.
According to the NSCN-IM`s armed wing, Akho Hunt along with his lieutenants were warmly received by the `commander` of the Huthrong Brigade, Naga Army (NSCN-IM`s armed wing) at its headquarters in Senapati on Tuesday.  “Except for few members of his group who ran away to Kehoi camp (NSCN-K camp) in search of opportunity, all of his colleagues and soldiers along with arms returned home joyfully,” the NSCN-IM said.


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